Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor: CalPers

Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:
   How can counties continue to fund CalPers without asking the employees to contribute more? In other counties, such as Yolo, Supervisors are shifting more responsibility onto the employees. CalPers continues to make less and less on their investments. I believe they only brought in 2% last year, and in ‘09 they lost 24%.
   This entire program needs to be revamped, in my opinion. I value public employees, but not moreso than private employees. And most private workers have no benefits at all, and in fact, are lucky to be working now.

Calaveras County District Attorney Contribution Report

Reported by the Elections Department at the County, David Singer candidate for District Attorney reported 0 monetary contributions and $5000.00 in loans. Barbara Yook, the incumbent District Attorney reported $4244.00 in monetary donations and $1500.00 in loans.

Country Cliff's Newest Calaveras Chamber Member

Welcome Country Cliff's Restaurant in San Andreas, the newest member of the Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce. Country Cliff's is located on St Charles Street, also known as Highway 49, in San Andreas accross from the Shell Station. Stop by for lunch, breakfast and dinner. The food is great and the local friendship is even better. Call them for more information, 754-1365. Remember to Shop local!

Update: Shooting of a Valley Springs Man

(Valley Springs, CA) The victim of yesterday's shooting at a Valley Springs residence located in the 3800 block of Bartelink Road has been identified as Richard Silveria (52) of Valley Springs. Mr. Silveria suffered a single gunshot wound to his lower torso. He was admitted into a Modesto area hospital on the evening of May 7th. His condition is unknown at this time.

According to preliminary reports, the alleged suspect, Adam Hagerman, shot Mr. Silveria with a medium-sized handgun following a dispute. It is unclear what the two men had been arguing over. The two shared the house where the shooting took place. On the evening of May 7th Sheriff's Detectives executed a search warrant at the residence, which is standard protocol in these types of cases. Sheriff's Detectives, as of the time of this release, have been unable to interview either of the subjects.

Mr. Hagerman was booked into the CCSO jail on the charges of 664 PC / 187 PC: Attempted Murder.

Elections: The Money Trail - Campaign Funds

Interested in who is giving money to whom in this election cycle?

Per the Elections Department at the County:
   In District 1 Cliff Edson has received $400.00 in monetary contributions and $523.44 in loans. Donors were Evan Garamendi, $100.00, Shirley Huberty $100.00, Geraldine Dunkin $100.00, and Robert Applegate $100.00.   We were given no form 460's for either Joe Kelly, Gary Tofanelli or Tom Schwarz.

Violence In Pro-Football

The Violence of Pro-Football Is Evident
   Due to the apparent suicide death of former NFL great Junior Seau in San Diego, there is renewed discussion nationwide on the violence in pro-football.
   The NFL, according to Larry Holder, has over 1000 lawsuits pending at this time regarding concussion based injuries and or deaths. The NFL Players Unions blames the coaches, according to Holder. The American viewing public loves the violence in the NFL games, so not many people expect major changes in the way things are done.
   In fact, recent discoveries of "bounties" paid to players who injure a member of another team reinforces the idea that the NFL wants to address the complaints, but seems unwilling to remove the type of activity that brings fans to the TV each week for football.
   This is not unlike what many feel is the actual reason people attend car races; the possibility of seeing a fiery crash. Why humans have this desire is not obvious, except for the adrenaline rush that is created in the brain. Are we Americans more in need of seeing violence, injury and death than other people in the world? What do you think?