Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Calaveras Arts Literary League Presents eBook It

   Join computer scientist and author Lou Gonzalez for a Manzanita Writers Press eBook creation workshop on Saturday, July 14 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Calaveras County Arts Council Gallery, 22 Main Street, San Andreas.

Fair Discussed At Board Meeting

   Laurie Giannini came before the Board of Supervisors to announce that this years County Fair will be dedicated to the City of Angels Camp, which is celebrating it's  100th year of incorporation this year. It was pointed out that Angels Camp agreed to put on the first frog jump on the streets of downtown Angels, and the rest is history.

Lawsuits Against Brent Harrington Continues

   Calaveras County Supervisor Chair Tofanelli stated  that the lawsuit of Nemee vs Brent Harrington was discussed in closed session since the last meeting. The Nemee's own the beautiful Trinitas Golf Club in Burson that our Board of Supervisors voted illegal. The county (the taxpayers) have been on the hook for unbelievable lawyer fees and time by County Counsel ever since.

Another Board of Supervisors Waste of Time?

Merita Callaway Dist.3
   Several members of the public spoke against the Board of Supervisors continuing in yet another regional water board at Tuesday's meeting.  Brought up was the fact that the County representative has not the mental capacity or knowledge to handle our watershed issues.  The expense of simply joining was also an issue, in light of the current budget crisis.

Everyone Countywide Pays Calaveras County Water District?

   Most property owners are not aware of it, but 1% of your property taxes goes to Calaveras County Water District coffers. This is whether or not they service your property with water or sewer. When CCWD was first set up, this was part of the contract, and you don't hear CCWD talking about it.
  This is the reason why they have to let all property owners vote for their directors, even if they have nothing to do with that water district. We have received complaints and questions about this issue and it took some willing voter to pass on the information we needed. So even if you get absolutely nothing from CCWD, pay attention to what their directors do, because your vote matters.

SEIU Endorses Russ Thomas in District 4

   In what many thought was a surprise move, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), which represents most county employees locally, endorsed Russ Thomas for Supervisor in District 4. When we asked for the reasons, we were told that he was the only one who responded to their request for information. Thomas stated to us that he feels that as a Supervisor, you should have some relationship as you will have to bargain with the SEIU on a regular basis, and cannot be ignored.

Sheriff's Locate Donald Tarrance

 Donald Tarrance, age 57, was located on May 8th by law enforcement for his connection to burglaries in Calaveras County.