Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kelly Questions Wisdom of 2 Term Limits

    Joseph Kelly, candidate for District 1 Supervisor, replied to our question about whether he would vote for a 2 term limit with questions.  What would be the savings to the taxpayer? Please express the ramifications of a 2 term limit?
    So we got a NO answer from Kelly?

Letter to Editor - No Career Politicians

Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:
   I just read your survey about how many terms these new candidates would limit themselves to and I have to tell you why I'm in favor of strict two term limits.

Can One Bad Neighbor Destroy You?

   As of June 1, according to bankruptcy filings, the beautiful Trinitas Golf Course will be forced to cease operations due to a neighbor who likes desolate and ugly land instead. What appears to be an undeniable jealousy that they don't own that much land, they were able to turn into environmentalist money in which to influence the Board of Supervisors of Calaveras County.

Two-Term Limit?

   The Sentinel has been asking candidates if they support a 2 term limit for Supervisors.  The results thus far:
  •  Russ Thomas is not in favor of a two term limit, but would support a three term limit.
  • Chris Wright replied yes, that he supports 2 term limits and would vote for it.

Letter to Editor - Lets Clean House

To Sierra Sentinel Editor:
   It's election time, and if the voting public has not learned it's lesson now, we will continue to be driven into the depths of poverty by our elected officials. NO MORE INCUMBENTS!
   That needs to be the battle cry! If anyone running has run before, or is backed by someone who has run before, DON'T VOTE FOR THEM!  These elected officials will never vote themselves any term limits. Look at Tryon; 28 YEARS AND COUNTING! Are we all nuts here?

Kill Those Animals!

The wildlife hunter Wade Carlsen came before the Board of Supervisors to ask them to continue to pay them $58,000 to stand by and come and kill any wild animal that a resident, and especially a rancher wants killed.

Jail Project Status

   The representative of Kitchell, who is in charge of building the new jail reported that the project is 25% completed.
   He also reported that there will be blasting of some large boulders where the new road is being constructed. The state has paid the county $4.62 million so far towards the expenses which have been billed to them, according to Kitchell.

Local Teacher Demands Night BOS Meetings

   A teacher from Calaveras High School came to the podium at Tuesday morning's Board of Supervisors meeting to complain that they don't hold night meetings, and that the working class and youth are not able to attend 9 AM meetings. He wants it agendized to have regular evening meetings.

San Andreas Artwalk & Wines on Main July7th

   The Calaveras Arts Council & the Center for Creativity in Community are collaborating with the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce to create a new happening in San Andreas on July 7th 2012. Calaveras County is rich with artists who are inspired by the natural beauty of the Sierra foothills and quaint historic towns, and it has blossomed as a unique wine region with delightful varietals.

Governor Chris Christie Supports Ricky Gill

New Jersey Governor Christie

    Another national leader, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has stepped forward to support Ricky's campaign here in the 9th Congressional District.

   Governor Christie has even recorded a special message to voters here in the 9th District, which you can listen to here.


Headline:  Monster Beverage (MNST) earnings came in higher than expected last quarter. At our last check their stock was up nearly $8.00 a share to an estimated $73.29 a share.
Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI) was selling at an estimated $2.19 a share when we last checked.
General Electric (GE) was selling at an estimated $19.70 a share when we last checked.
California has been rated the WORST state in the country for businesses, especially small business. And we can tell you from personal experience after speaking to many in Calaveras County, this county is the least friendly of any they've ever dealt with. Not a promising statistic for those unemployed locally.
Coty, which is a privately owned company, is still trying to buy Avon. They have increased their offer to $24.75 a share. (AVON) was selling at an estimated $21.95 a share when we last checked.  
Apple Computer (AAPL) was selling for an estimated $574 a share when we last checked.
SodaStream (SODA), the home made soda machine, was selling for an estimated $36.80 a share when we last checked.
Disney  (DIS) was selling for an estimated $45.19 a share at last check.
In a recent survey it was reported that  49% of working people are saving 0 (that's nothing) for retirement.