Saturday, May 19, 2012

4 Eggs, 4 Weeks -Video

Thank You To Our Readers

 Dear Reader,
  We at the want to thank all of the readers who have let us know how much they like the new online publication. We have also had a few who are not happy that we are not printing, and they have let us know in no uncertain terms.

I'll Have Another Wins Preakness!

In an exciting finish, after Bodemiester lead in the entire race, I'll Have Another came from behind to win the Preakness, the 2nd in the Triple Crown.

Frog Jump Traffic?

A surprise to all of the businesses along Hwy 49 is the fact that there is so little traffic on the Saturday of Frog Jump. It sounds like not many did what Merita Callaway told them to do, "Go Jump a Frog?"

Do You Know?

Do you know the TV names and real names of
each of these characters. Which one turned 78 yesterday? 

OP-EDS in the Wind

Dear Editor:
   This is a letter after reading your article on CalTrans. Just to let anyone who has tried to voice a complaint to CalTrans know, if you are a woman you might as well forget it. But as an ex-employee, I can tell you that it's not just outside women who are treated with disdain.

Letter to Editor - Cartoon

 Dear Online Editor,
   We were sitting here laughing at your cartoon with the wife pushing the boat and thought we would let you know how much we love your new online Sierra Sentinel.

Bret Harte High Rhododendrun in Ebbetts Pass

Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee - Saturday Events

Saturday May 19 – Tough Enough to Wear Pink, 
Cowboy Country Day
Cowboy Hats for the first  100 kids

8:00 a.m.….......
  • Gates Open Ranglin’ and Ropin’ Events—Arena

No Native American Mascots?

   Calaveras High School's mascot is the "Redskins"  Over the years there has been much controversy whether this is an insult to Native Americans. 

Olympic Torch Reaches England

   After a trip around the world, and 800 torch carriers, the Olympic Torch finally reached England.
   David Beckham, famous English soccer star who plays in the United States for the Los Angeles Galaxy lit the large torch once it reached England's shore.   The Olympics are in London this summer.