Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Open Mouth, Insert Foot Tryon

     With absolutely no clue as to anything concerning the wisdom of opening a business in Calaveras County in this economic climate.  Supervisor Tryon stated that there is nothing to stop any business from applying to open a business in the many empty storefronts in the County.
     Mr. Tryon, what about the fact that there is so much unemployment that was created by yours and the other Supervisors policies, that they would be idiots to open a new business anywhere in this county at this time?

Thundering Economics in the Foothills?

After a short time as the head of the Calaveras County Economic Development Company , Dave Haley has turned it over to the Chamber of Commerce. This circle of 30 years of doing nothing continues, per Cliff Edson.

Tofanelli Stifles Public Comments

     It was very apparent at Tuesday's Board of Supervisor meeting that Chair Tofanelli, backed up by Supervisor Tryon, are trying to stifle public comments before theirre-elections.
     If anything should cause voters to vote for an alternative to an elected official who is so afraid of Public Comments that they move in to the end of the agenda, this is it.
     We had previously believed that Tofanelli wouldn't play these games with Tryon behind them, but we never cease to be surprised at their disrespect for the Public.

Paul Hammond Gary

   Paul Hammond Gary, of Valley Springs, passed away on May 19 at his home. A native of Maryland, he had lived in Valley Springs for 33 years. He was 85 years old.

Pete Voinich Passes Away at Age 102

   Pete Voinich died May 20, 2012 at Mark Twain Convalescent Hospital in San Andreas at the age of 102. He had resided in Angels Camp all of his life.
   Born to Yugoslavian emigrants Paul and Anne Voinich in 1910 in Angels Camp, he even lived on the same block all of his life; first with his parents, then with his wife Jessie 2 doors down, and then built a home in between the two former homes in 1954, where he lived until 10 months ago, when he went to Mark Twain Convalescent Hospital.

8 More Years of Scandal, etc....?

One thing is for sure in District 2. If you want 8 more years of scandals, bad department heads, lawsuits, property values dumped, no jobs and general chaos at the county, be sure to vote for Chris Wright.

Music in the Parks

   The Calaveras Arts Music in the Parks program is announcing that Descendants of Prospectors with Keil Williams on vocals, guitar and keyboards,  Owen Ridings on vocals and guitar and Rick Moore on sax, drumpad, vocals and keyboards, will be featured at Utica Park in Angels Camp on June 20.

What Do Residents Care About?

   It seems that during this election cycle everyone you talk to has a different idea of what is important, what has been mishandled, and what should change.

Collision on Hwy 26

   Dustin Johnson, 30, of Pioneer, was driving his 1997 Toyota at approximately 70 MPH, according to CHP, when he approached a vehicle driving about 40 MPH near the intersection of Associated Office Road.

Thunder in the Foothills

   In an attempt to embarrass Cliff Edson, his main competition for the Supervisorial of District 1 job, Tofanelli asked Edson to name the 7 elements required in the General Plan. We felt this was unfair and intentional. Mr. Edson stated that he had just reviewed them but didn't have the list in front of him.

Highest Public Safety Issue?

There is quite a difference in the highest public safety concern between the candidates of District 2. Chris Wright says its methamphetamine, and pushed a book on the subject. Bryce Randall says its child abuse and domestic violence.

Jenny Lind Firehouse Holds Mixer

   The Chamber of Commerce is inviting the public to a Mixer on Thursday, May 31 at the Jenny Lind Firehouse. This event is co-hosted by the Valley Springs Area Business Association.
   The Mixer begins at 5:30 PM with local wines and appetizers being served. Come and network with local business people and bring your business cards, brochures or flyer. No RSVP required. For more information call 754-5400.

Politics as Moo-sual

Letter to Editor: Bias by the Press?

Dear Sierra Sentinel:
   So glad to see you online now. I watched channel 9's interviews and debate of the candidates for Supervisors in three districts over the last weekend and I was not at all surprised at the bias I saw.
Who was allowed to be the commentator, a reporter from a newspaper many believe to be  a Wilensky supporter in all ways.

Why Burn Permits?

Dear Editor:
   The Angels Camp City Council is so determined to pass a burn permit law on us, and I don't understand why. I'll bet that if you hadn't passed that ridiculous resolution a year ago about CalFire that we would not be dealing with this now.
   Why not rescind the original resolution and get back to taking care of us residents instead of making up more things to harrass us with I won't be voting for the Council people who vote to pass this, I don't know about anybody else.
                                      J.R. in Angels Camp

Hot Off the Bypass - Burn Permits

   The Angels Camp City Council announced that there will be Public Hearing on the proposed Permit process for debris burning in the City Limits at the June 19 City Council meeting.
   Councilmember Raggio is the only one who still continues to vote against it, saying that it is more government regulation, that many homes in Angels Camp don't have a 24' clearance and many other reasons why this is a burden on the homeowners of Angels Camp. We agree with Raggio!

Photo of Bee

 Copperopolis Bees are Happy Bees

Letter to Editor - Sound Ordinance Now, A Challenge to The Board

Attention Sierra Sentinel Editor,

   As someone who lives very near the Kiva in Copperopolis in the Copper Cove Subdivision I am a resident very much concerned with the noise levels of those in my neighborhood and on Lake Tulloch.  I would like to know what the Board of Supervisors are doing about the proposed sound ordinance?  We are one of the few counties in the state that does not have a sound/noise ordinance and I would like to ask the Board of Supervisors why?