Thursday, May 24, 2012

When the Environment Turns on You!

Public Works Takes Over Road Committees?

     The first subdivision to start a road committee under the Public Works Department, was approved at Tuesdays Board of Supervisors meeting.
     The Indian Creek subdivision, which has 38 lots, but only 1 homeowner, asked to be placed in a county maintained Permanent Road Division. The Public Works department is not stupid.

$170,000 in RIM Fees for Movie Theatre?

    During yet another turnover of the Economic Development program in the county, this time to the Chamber of Commerce,  Supervisor Spellman asked for a Study Session on why the county's Road Impact Mitigation Fees are $170,000 per theater?
     This will prevent any theaters from being built in Valley Springs, and people will continue to go to another county to the movies, he feels.  Who's idea was this? Callaway? Wilensky? We know that Tofanelli and Spellman were the two votes against increasing RIM fees on building to $2440 per parcel last year.

     Tryon, as usual, voted with the two other anti-job, anti-building Supervisors. 

Thunder in the Foothills

     Is it really true that the Board of Supervisors borrows money guaranteed by the funds in the private road associations? Did they use the CSA to secure a loan? How many loans do they have?  How many are called Certificates of Participation?

What is a Polit-troll?


Cheap Attacks!

     Earlier today, we heard that Tryon's campaigners are calling all of the press, in an attempt to smear Debbie Ponte with ridiculous attacks about the company Ms. Ponte works for.
   As we have said before, we will not participate in these smears on a hardworking, honest woman just because she dares to run against a powerful 28 year incumbent.
    If other publications run with these smears, it puts them right in the same category with Tryon and his people, who are feeling desperate because  Debbie Ponte is beating him. 
     Because the Tryon camp has nothing else to use against her, they are trying to use who she works for with anything and everything.
     Hopefully, the public will see through the thick slime left by what many are hoping is Tryons last campaign. We are getting calls that we need a much bigger Donkey Pen!

Debbie Ponte

Facebook's Founder Marries

    Only hours after the Facebook IPO opened on the NASDAQ, Mark Zuckerberg got married. As a honeymoon present, Facebooks stock went to $31 a share, and there is talk of an investigation about how the IPO was handled.
     We hear that the NYSE has offered Facebook (FB) to move them over to their exchange, after talk of computer glitches causing part of the stock problem on Friday.

Anderson Tree Farm Joins Chamber

     Anderson Tree Farm is the Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce's newest member.
     Owner Charlie Anderson creates and sells custom furniture and live edge lumber. He also operates a Christmas Tree Farm in Murphys off Mustang Road.
    You can contact Anderson at 728-1531 or visit the website at

CCWD Names Interim GM

     Departing  General Manager, Joone Lopez, reported Calaveras County Water District (CCWD) Board's decision to name Lynn Gentry as the Interim General Manager (EGM) during their Wednesday Board meeting, according to a press release this morning.

Thunder in the Foothills

You know the election is getting HOT when Russ Thomas moves his sign on the bypass out of the sun and into the shade!

Another Runaway Burn Supervisor Tryon's?

     We received word that we have not been able to corroborate, that all the fire engines, bull-dozers, and crews we saw and heard a few days ago were headed out Dogtown Road.
      They went straight to the Tryon Ranch, just the other side of the Schmauder's place to put out yet another control or debris burn that got away from the Tryons.
     The bull-dozer came out of San Andreas, and crews of CalFire worked for hours before it was totally put under control, according to our source.
     Is this our first fire of the year?  He last had a runaway on the day after Christmas, last year.

     A big thank you to the crews and departments who put out this fire.