Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doggie's Night Out

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AMC Theaters Sold

In a $2.6 Billion deal, Wanda, a Chinese conglomerate, has purchased the United States' 2nd largest movie theatre chain.

Do You Really Think They Know We're Watching?

Copperopolis Homecoming & Parade

Trinitas Golf Course

    Trinitas is what many golf magazines and course critics have called a possible future pro-golf tour destination. Off Hwy 26 on the opposite side as Comanche Lake, it's pristine layout and gorgeous design are a plus to the Calaveras County golf community.

Lake Comanche

Down on Hwy 12, near the town of Wallace, lies Lake Comanche, which is a popular camping, boating and fishing destination for the entire Central Valley.

La Contenta Golf

 Just below Hogan Dam on Hwy 26 lies the La Contenta Golf Course. With a great golf course and restaurant, people come here to play golf and relax.

New Hogan

    New Hogan Reservoir lies on the other side of Valley Springs, which is actually surrounded by three lakes, and is called the Tri-Dam area of Calaveras County. With all water sports, boating and camping, Hogan is a destination for many visitors from the valley.

Pardee Reservoir

     Just outside of Valley Springs, off Hwy 12, is Pardee, and is a premier fishing and camping spot in that area, although no swimming is allowed, as it is part of the East Bay Municipal Utility Districts water supply.

Saddle Creek Golf and Country Club

     On our tour of all the great places in Calaveras County, we reach Copperopolis, with its Saddle Creek Golf and Country Club, offering both tourists and residents a lovely golf course and exquisite homes on and nearby the links.

Melones Reservoir

     On the county line between Calaveras And Tuolumne Counties, and accessible from Hwy 49, is Melones Reservoir. This aerial view shows why it is such a popular fishing destination with so many inlets.

Greenhorn CreeK Golf

     Greenhorn Creek offers a gorgeous and popular golf course, and many retirees live on or nearby the links. A great restaurant called Camps is right on the course and offers meals on the porch overlooking the course.

Forest Meadows Golf

    A little further down Hwy 4, and just above Murphys, lies the Forest Meadows Golf Course, which offers a gated community and public golf course.

Sequoia Woods Golf and Country Club

    The Sequoia Woods Golf and Country Club is just northeast of Arnold, and offers golfing and dinner in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
   With homes right on the beautiful golf course and a restaurant where watching it snow outside through the giant windows is an experience in itself, this is a popular destination even though a heavy snowstorm can cause the course to be closed.  

Big Trees State Park

The Giant Sequoias at Calaveras Big Trees State Park are amazing, a must see, and a popular camping spot in the summer months. 

Why Do Visitors Come to Calaveras County?

     We who live here often don't think about the infinite reasons why visitors come to Calaveras County and then often want to live here permanently.
   Whether you're a golfer, a fisherman, boater or just like to walk in the forest, Calaveras County offers nearly everything a busy family needs to relax on the weekends or for vacations.
  Today, the beginning of the summer season, we're giving you a few examples of the beauty and fun places we take for granted; we who are lucky enough to live in such a wonderful place. 

Wine Tasting?

     Live in or near Calaveras County and haven't yet gone on a wine-tasting expedition? There are a myriad of wineries, especially in the Murphys area.
      Many varieties are available for you to taste, and then you can take home your favorite to serve to your guests at your next BBQ.

Scenic Lake Alpine

     A little too cold for swimming, fishing and kayacking are popular at the top of Ebbetts Pass pm Hwy 4 at Lake Alpine.

     Just above Bear Valley, there is also a restaurant where you can sit out on the deck looking out on the Lake.

Indy 500

The annual Indy 500 begins at 11 AM Eastern  on Sunday May 27. This is a Ferrari Formula 1 driven by Michael Schumacher. It can reach a speed of 400 MPH.

"Dragon" Docks at ISS

     After securing a $1 Billion contract with NASA, the Dragon, a spaceship owned by Spacex, a 10 year old company, docked with the International Space Station.
    Located outside of Los Angeles, Spacex employees average age is 30.