Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Efficiency at Elections Department

     Never before have we seen such an efficient count of ballots in Calaveras County; at least not in the recollection of those who have watched the results tonight.
    Becky Andahl, who is always most helpful and quickly retrieves election information for whomever requests it, has pulled off an amazing night and should be proud of her accomplishment.
     For 94% of the vote to be counted and posted by around 10:30 PM is to be commended.

Bigelow and Oller Lead in Early Returns

     As expected, Frank Bigelow is leading the race for District 5 Assembly seat in early returns with 37%, with Rico Oller second.
     This is without any returns from Calaveras County counted. Oller's campaign staff had issued a prediction earlier this afternoon that Bigelow and Oller would be two Republicans on the November ballot for District 5 Assembly.

First Big Election News of the Night

     After millions of dollars in union money and an expensive recall expense for the state of Wisconsin, Republican Governor Walker was only a few minutes ago, projected to hold onto his post 60% to 40% against the  Democrat challenger.
     Called a sign of union power, the unions all banded together against the governor  when Walker tried to limit their power.  Would this have all happened in a thriving economy? Not likely.
    As an interesting aside, NBC was the first to call Walker the winner, with FOX News about 10 minutes behind and then within 5 minutes CNN got into the game.  It's a big fight between all the networks to see who can call election projections first.

Party Polarization Highest in 25 Years

     According to a new Pew Research poll, Americans basic beliefs are more polarized along partisan lines than at any point in the past 25 years.
     According to the study, Party has become the single largest fissure in American society as we head to the polls today.
     The values gap between Republicans and Democrats is now greater than gender, age, race or class divides, according to Pew.

Canadian In Calaveras Arrested For Narcotics Possession

          During the Reggae in the Hills festival at the Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Sheriff Deputies contacted a male subject who was later identified as Peter Daniel Lee (42, of Toronto, Ontario).
     Lee was exhibiting bizarre behavior, and deputies determined that he was under the influence of a hallucinogenic substance and was arrested.

Election Day Calaveras!