Saturday, June 9, 2012

Calaveras Local Agency Formation Commission Meeting June 18

     On Monday June 18, 2012 @ 6 PM in the Board of Supervisor Chambers, LAFCO will hold its regular monthly meeting.
    On the agenda is election of a Chair and Vice-Chair.  The Chair position is rotated and this year it must be a member of a Special District. Currently there is only one and that is Tony Tyrell.

Union Rags Wins the Belmont

      Union Rags came from behind to win the Belmont Stakes in the final jewel of the Triple Crown of horseracing just a few moments ago.

Angels Master Creek Plan Passes

A sample of one days
trash along  public trails.

     Through the usual "trick-speak" and moves of Dave Hanham, Planning Director,  Michael McHatten, City Administrator and the infamous City Attorney Matranga, the City Council of Angels Camp passed the Angels Camp Mater Plan, which creates a path for the public along Angels Creek.

What Really Happened at the Calaveras County Fair?

    Interested in knowing exactly what happened, good and bad, at the Calaveras County Fair this year?
      You might want to attend the next Fair Board of Directors meeting, scheduled for June 13 at 6 PM at the Fair Administration office. It could be interesting.

A "State Dinner" just for kids?

    What a wonderful idea!    We just received from the White House an invitation from First Lady Michelle Obama for children all over the country who like to cook, to share their favorite delicious recipes in a contest.
   The winning child will receive an invitation, along with their parent or legal guardian, from each state and territory to join them for a Kid's "State Dinner" at the White House.
   For more information log on to the White House information website or call us and we will forward the details to you via e-mail.  Wouldn't it be great if one of our young people won!

Public Comments- City of Angels Camp


     We e-mailed the City Administrator of Angels Camp, Michael McHatten, to ask if the statement in the section relating to Public Comments on the agenda is correct.
   The public is aware that elected officials do not like public comments, however, the statement that it is unlawful for an elected official to make any comment in reply to a voting member of the public is, we feel,  questionable at best.

"I'll Have Another" Won't!

  Announced late yesterday was the sad fact that "I'll Have Another", winner of the first two  races in horse-racing's triple crown, will not be in the Belmont Stakes, and in fact, was scratched.
    The owner stated that he was being retired and put out to stud immediately do to a tendon problem in one leg.
    Racing fans will have to wait for next year to hope for a triple crown winner.

Notice Who's Playing Mad Birds....

Letter to Editor: Who Writes This Stuff?

        Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:
      I just read the latest on the blue tarp gag, and last week's we needed a good laugh, and I am in awe. Who is it at the Sentinel, or out there on e-mail who writes these hilarious takes on stories?
    I have to compliment all of them! It brings me back to the Sentinel for a good laugh whenever I need it, and I have to thank you. You've got a permanent reader.
                                                          Yellow Haired Charley

"Yes I am a black there!"