Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Photo of Meadowmont Cattle Co.

Meet Arnie, the cow. What better name for a
cow who lives on a golf course?

What's Your Name?

Japanese Not Happy With Government

 According to a Pew Research poll, 60 % of the Japanese people disapprove of their governments response and recovery efforts one year after parts of their country were devastated by an earthquake and a tsunami.

What Is Political Deal-making?

    For the people who are naive or do not follow politics, deal-making is when elected officials each give and or get something for a prior agreed to vote, money, or policy.
     Deals may be good for some, but hurt others. If you don't understand, you need to pay more attention to what goes on in Calaveras County politics.  You vote for my special project and I'll vote for yours.
    You would not believe some of the backroom deals that have been cut in this County. Sad, but true.

Disorganized, Incompetent & Conflicts of Interest on Murphys Sanitary District Board?

    Since we requested copies of many of the Murphys Sanitary District Board meetings minutes and tape recordings of meetings held over the past year or so, we have been quite shocked at what we've found.

Letter to Editor About Murphys Sanitary Board

     Dear Sentinel:
    Been following the investigation you are reporting on Murphys Sanitary District, and am amazed that things like this have been going on.
   Don't these Board members use ethics in office?  In my humble opinion, Pat Davies, who may be a good woman and have good intentions, should resign from this Board.
    And is the General Manager keeping an eye on any employees who have had problems in the past. Rumor is that there were extremely personal relationships going on with two of them not long ago.
                                                                  D M in Murphys Sanitary District area

Motorcycle Crash & Suspect Arrested After High Speed Chase by Calaveras Sheriff Deputy

At high speed, dirt bikes can be dangerous
    On Monday night, June 18, 2012 at about 8:15 PM, Calaveras County Sheriff's Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on an OHV motorcycle (dirt bike) on Railraod Flat Road.
     The mototcycle failed to yield to the marked Sheriff's vehicles lights and sirens and sped away at a high rate of speed, crossing the double yellow lines.

Regarding Congressman Lungren Letter to Editor from Disgusted Republican

   Dear Editor:
    I just read your article about Congressman Lungren, and have to say "It's about time more people realize what Lungren is really about. Himself."
    I am also a Republican, but am trending more towards Independent due to elected officials who are totally self-serving like him.
   You are also right about he and Callaway making deals in my opinion. Where does a guy who wants someone honorable in elective office go now?
                                                                  Disgusted Republican in Ebbetts Pass

Let's Get Real About the U.S. Postal Service

   Yes, change is difficult; especially as we get older. There are still some who are afraid of or simply refuse to use a computer.
Even these are used very little anymore for anything but trash.
   But the facts are the facts. The Postal Workers Union puts out multi-million dollar ads on television in order to try and scare us or make us feel guilty for not giving more and more money to the USPS--not because they care about us, but because they care about keeping the numbers of members in their union. They care about THEIR money coming in from dues.

Let's all go "Postal" together

sent in by Tom

NASCAR Gets A Boost From Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Victory

The most popular driver in the Sprint Cup Series ended a four-year drought when he won at the Michigan International Speedway this past Sunday and is second in the points standings. The sport's once-soaring popularity had leveled off.  "It feels good to win and I'll enjoy it," Earnhardt said after the Michigan race, "and in a day or two I'll be thirsty for the next one," he told media.