Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Remember Cool?

Now that's Cool! Feel better?

Arrest for Burglary at Treats General Store in San Andreas

     On Sunday June 17, 2012 at around 4:30 PM, Calaveras County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the Treats General Store in San Andreas for a report of an intoxicated male who was suspected of
shoplifting alcohol and fleeing in a vehicle.

First Official Day of Summer June 20, 2012

   The summer solstice is the longest day of the entire year, the day that offers the very most light, and thus the shortest night. Summer solstice also marks the first official day of summer, and in the Calaveras County, this year, it falls on June 20, at 7:09 PM 

Letter to Editor: Evil doers Get What They Deserve

    Dear Sierra Sentinel Owners:
       I just got wind of information that you should know about.  The horrid, sick people who tried to smear your names falsely, have received their comeuppance.

20 year old Drowning Victim at Hogan in Valley Springs

    On June 19, 2012 around 7:15 PM, the Calaveras Sheriff received a report of a possible drowning victim in the Wrinkle Cove area of Hogan Lake in Valley Springs.
   The 20 year old male was already out of the water and CPR in progress by subjects on scene when first responders arrived.

Joseph "Alex" Quinones

        Joseph "Alex" Quinones died Thursday, May 24, 2012, at Mark Twain St. Joseph's Hospital in San Andreas. He was 83.
    A San Andreas native, Joe was born December 26, 1928 to Mexican immigrants, Luciano and Angelita Quinones. Joe spent his childhood living in a "camp" out on Poole Station Road when his father took a job with Calaveras Cement Co. in the 1930's.  The family lived at the "camp" for ten years, moving when Joe was 13 years old to Cement City in San Andreas.
     Attending Calaveras High School, Joe was an all-around athlete, excelling in sports such as basketball, football, baseball and track.  He played on four championship teams; 1 football, 2 track, and 1 basketball.

How Much Does Calaveras County Pay to Rent Public Access Studio?

      Dear Editor:
     I just read your story about Public Access TV in Calaveras County, and I have a question. Many years ago the CCTV non-profit refused to donate or allow the County to use the studio without high rent. Is this still going on?

Calaveras County Public Access Television Never Improves

   The only part of Public Access Television that should be required is that they show the meetings of the elected officials on Channel 9. Our complaints to Ed Lark go completely unheeded.
    We have referred our readers many complaints to Kathy Northington, Chair of the Public Access Club, who assured us she would take care of it when they had a meeting in 2 months, and nothing has improved. In fact, she has not even notified us of what happened at a meeting she held a week ago.

Cut Jeanne Boyce's Administrative Budget in Half- Give it to the Sheriff!

    The main contentious area of the budget hearings in Calaveras County last week was the Sheriff, who has requested more deputies on the streets due to increased crime.
      Because of loss of the economy in Calaveras County, property values are nearly half what they used to be and the Board of Supervisors, who mainly caused this mess, don't seem to get that with no jobs and no money, comes more crime!

Letter to the Editor: A Bear Story

     Dear Editor:
    My husband and I live on the edge of a subdivision with the forest on one side.  Last night a young black bear came into the back yard looking for food.