Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fire near Redding Sample of Danger Here

          We follow the CalFire logs regularly, and today we saw an example of what conditions are like in California once a fire starts. It is now 8:40 PM on July 5, 2012.
       Five hours ago, July 5, 2012,  CalFire reported a 100 acre fire off of Dale Ln and Cloverdale Rd. in Happy Valley, SE of Redding (Shasta County).
      Three hours ago, they reported what is now called the Dale Fire is 150 acres and 30% contained.
     Two hours ago, The Dale Fire was over 250 acres and 30 % contained.
   Thirty minutes ago, CalFire reported that the Dale fire is now 1000 acres and 30% contained. That is how fast wildfire can spread, even with 25 engines, 8 air tankers, 4 helicopters, 100's of firefighters and it still is spreading.

Was the Sheriff's Department There to "Help" Pierce?

Is this an example of a forced
"welfare check"?
   A lot of things go through your mind when you read a long diatribe calling a 59 year old man in Valley Springs "Suspect" Pierce" nearly 25 times.
   At the end of the story it said that the cause of the "violence" of Mr. Pierce was unknown. Well, we could think of a few things.

Valley Springs Man Arrested

        On July 3, 2012, at 4:05 PM Calaveras Sheriff's Deputies responded to a residence on the 700 block of Quail Oaks Drive in Valley Springs for a welfare check on Richard Pierce (59).
     Upon contacting suspect Pierce he displayed bizarre behavior, including

Murphys Senior Center Community Champion Award Winner

    On July 4, 2012 Aria Bakery was presented the 2012 Community champion Award from the Murphys Senior Center Executive Director Steve Shetzline.
   Aria owner, Lorraine De Groot accepted the award on behalf of the generous Aria Bakery team.

Online Reviews Not Accurate per Scientific Study

     According to a study by a group of scientists, reviews of products, services, etc.  are more than four times out of ten either phony, have bad intentions or are advertising people.
   So much for reading the reviews for anything online that we thought might help us.  In their report, they state that because

Op-Ed by Bryce Randall in District 2 on the General Plan

Is our little piece of this earth
not under our control any more?
     I would like to encourage everyone to get involved with the General Plan effort and invite their neighbors to get involved.
     Too many times we sit back and let a minority of people determine policies that have real effects on our daily lives.

What Does All This Trouble at Murphys Sanitary District Mean for Ratepayers?

    During our investigation of the Murphys Sanitary District, some people in Murphys stated,"who cares about all the problems? Our rates are low!"
   This is very true, for the time being.

Hazard on Dogtown Rd. outside Angels Camp

We are used to all his bull!
   CHP has reported that a hazard on Dogtown Rd. just outside Angels Camp, near the first bridge turned out to be two bulls in the roadway around 11:30 AM on July 5.  Now that's a lot of bull!
    They better call Cowboy Tyrone!   He and his trusty horse Mare- Eta will round them up quick, Heck, they could even be his bulllllls! 

Holly Mine's and Steve Wilensky's Meeting in Railroad Flat

And this is the way it's going to be because Steve and I
know what is best for all of you!

Angels Camp City Council to Hold Budget Review

    On Wednesday, July 11, 2012, the Angels Camp City Council is holding a workshop for the Budget Revew for 2012/2013.
    This is open to the public and will be called to order at 6 PM at the Angels Firehouse.

Two Reports of Fireworks in Ebbetts Pass

It doesn't take much to start a fire
in the forest.
   Only two reports of fireworks in Ebbetts Pass were shown on the Calaveras County Sheriff's daily log for yesterday, one on Baywood and one on Seminole.
   All fireworks of any kind are banned in Ebbetts Pass. The large CalTrans sign in Murphys was too large to say they didn't know, but the record doesn't show any citations being issued, and we have no record of them causing any fire.

Fireworks Cause Fire in Tuolumne County

     Despite a fireworks ban in Tuolumne County, people apparently bought fireworks in a neighboring County and carried them into Tuolumne  County, and in one case set them off, causing a

Murphys Sanitary District General Managers' Letter

Using treated sewage for irrigation
is a common practice
     On March 23, 2012, Murphys Sanitary District;s new  General Manager Julio Guerra wrote a letter to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board in Rancho Cordova revising the data from the wastewater treatment facility for October of 2011, which included previously unreported bypass flows.
   In the letter, in part Guerra states:

CCWD Starts Construction Today in West Point

    In a press release issued this morning, CCWD has announced that they are beginning construction today, July 5, 2012, on the West Point Water Mains and Storage Tank.

Freeloading Average $11 per Hour?

A Special tonight on FOX NEWS
     John Stossel of FOX News spent last weekend dressed in dirty clothes, donned a fake beard and held a sign as he sat on the sidewalk begging for money from passersby.
    He was actually surprised that he collected an average of $11 per hour panhandling, and said that beats minimum wage.  He has a special on FOX tonight discussing freeloading and entitlements.

Happy Birthday SPAM!

This was the special can created by 
Hormel for the 70th anniversary.
    You remember SPAM, the sort-of canned ham product created during WWII? It is 75 years old today.
   Hormel owns Spam (HRL) and its stock is currently selling for an estimated $30 per share.
   Of late, the computer generation has adopted the name SPAM for garbage e-mails, but those of the Baby Boom generation can remember it being sliced, fried and served at mealtime.