Saturday, August 18, 2012

Traffic Collision on Obyrnes Ferry Road

   A traffic collision was reported to CHP at around 10:53 PM August 18, 2012, on O'byrnes Ferry Rd  and Main Street in Copperopolis.

     A Sheriff's deputy was also called to the entrance of Lake Tulloch Resort for traffic control.   No injuries were reported in the accident.

Arrest Made in Campo Seco

   After a deputy initiated a stop due to a suspicious vehicle, an arrest was made by the deputy on local warrants. No other details are available at this time.

Vandalism at White Pines Park

   A complaint was called in to the Calaveras County Sheriff's Office that there had been vandalism at White Pines Park on Blagen Road in Arnold.

    Apparently graffiti had been written at the park. The deputy took the report. There is no indication of if they know of a suspect.

Women's Network Meeting

September 25, 2012 Meeting

Please join this dynamic and friendly business Women's Network group at our

Letter to the Editor ...About Fires

   Dear Fellow Citizens:

    I'm almost afraid to say this, but I think it needs to be said.  Two friends and I were talking yesterday about all  the fires and the cost of fighting them and we all want you at the Sentinel to know we appreciate your reporting of them.

   The wierd thing is,

Letter to the Editor... About Supervisor Wilensky

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

     I finally got to watch the Board of Supervisors meeting on TV last night. What an embarrassing debacle by the entire board.

    What peaked my interest was the statement Supervisor Wilesnky made after listening to all the complaints from the public that the Supervisors tried to negate the Grand Jury and how innocent they are.

   He actually said that if it is true that we have intentionally tried to stifle the Public then we have "failed as a Board".

    In this Boards tenure, we have had scandals, lawsuits, and personal agendas with obvious conflicts of interest, not to mention the intentional attempts to stifle the Publics right to speak.

  This is not just an embarrassment to this county but to all government in the country.

                                                  E.S.  in Ebbetts Pass