Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CALAVERAS DEMOCRATS October 2012 Meetings

There will be no Central Committee Meeting on October 11, the usual date for the meeting. Instead, everyone is encouraged to tune into the Biden/Ryan vice presidential debate. Invite family and friends and turn the evening into a "watch party." 

New Fire in Klamath National Forest

   September 18, 2012 at 6 PM:  We received a report about 20 minutes ago that CalFire is assisting the US Forest Service with a fire on Red Mountain in Siskiyou County.

   We will update when more details become available.

Nationwide Criticism of Romney

  If you watched any news cycle today, or read any newspaper, you saw Romney soundly routed by enemies and friends alike.

   We believe that David Brooks of the NYTimes put it best when he said that Romney is trying to be "something he is not".

   Can he turn things around after making comments like "those people" referring to people who don't pay taxes because their income is too low?

   We actually know some very low income people who vote Republican because of their religious beliefs, not because of any other policy or economic reasons.

   Not a smart move!  We'll wait and see if he can turn it around.  What do you think? 

Status of "Postal" Strife

   The new Congress is in session and before long the bill to yet again fund the USPS  (the APWU) will come before them.

   It makes absolutely no sense continuing to fund a union

Claudine Ockerman Jones

  Born on 4-28-28 in Bistrol, Oklahoma. Died Sept 12 2012.

   Preceded in death by her brother Jay, and sisters Wanda and Betty Jo. Survived by brother David Ladd.


Angels Camp City Administrator Fires Museum Director?


From: "Mary Kelly" <marykelly@angelscamp.gov>
Date: September 10, 2012 2:14:44 PM PDTF
Subject: FW: Please Notify Council, Museum Commission and Museum Foundation
It is with deep regrets that I must notify you that effective immediately I have opted to end the business relationship with Michael (Craig) Hadley as Museum Director.  Craig has served since February 16, 2011 in an "At-Will" capacity as an independent contractor.  Since this is a human resource issue, this is a confidential item and one that I cannot discuss.  However, if you have questions with regards to the position in the future, museum operations and the overall future of the museum I am available at any time to discuss.  Craig has done much to improve this valuable community resource and his services will surely be missed.    If you have any question please feel free to call me or email me. 
Michael C. McHatten
City Administrator,
City of Angels Camp, CA

Employee Discipline on Angels Camp City Council Agenda

   We just  received the agenda for the Angels Camp City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 18, 2012.

   There is a closed session item titled employee discipline and Craig Hadley's e-mail is first on the list of those it was sent to.

   We e-mailed Mr. Hadley

2012 Calaveras Artists Studio Tour is September 29 & 30

 Captions: Jim Bass vase; Tyler Childress Swallowtail photograph; Ruth Morrow Wild Vase acrylic; Cate Culver pictured at her studio with vivid abstract paintings

Supervisor Callaway Never Ceases To Embarrass Our County

    Why is it that Supervisor Callaway, who is the major force behind what she calls the "civility" movement is the least "civil" to her own department heads. and causes embarrassment to our county?
    Leslie Davis, Tax Assessor was not even present when Callaway stated that the County would not be in this predicatment if the Tax Assessor was doing her job.

Kings Canyon National Park

Last light from the Lower Kaweah Basin

CalFire's $150 Tax Goes to "Slash & Burn"

What all this means is that
your $150 in tax goes to support
Callaway and Wilensky's chips
programs to "slash and burn"
This is an explanation of where the money goes and what it will be used for, sent to us by Assemblymember Kirsten Olsen's offce.
  Here is a link to the exact text of the bill that established this new fee.
It is true that the money generated by the fee does not go directly into the CalFire budget.  I am sorry if my explanation is a bit lengthy, but it is complicated.
The bill establishes a new "State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund" that would be overseen by the State Board of Equalization.

How China can build a $7,000 'good-enough' car


China keeps getting better at making cars. One reason: It's getting better at cutting corners.China keeps getting better at making cars. One reason: It's getting better at cutting corners.

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Military needs to address growing substance abuse: report



Substance abuse among the nation's military has grown and top military leadership should address this "crisis," according to a new report.

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$7 million in gold found in dead man's home



When Walter Samaszko Jr. died at his home in Carson City, Nev., he had $200 in a bank account. But as officials later discovered, Samaszko had about $7 million stored neatly around his home.

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Outside groups make up almost half of all presidential campaign ads


First Read: Outside groups have accounted for almost half of all ad spending during this presidential general election, according to a First Read analysis of data provided by ad-buying firm SMG Delta.

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Shaun White arrested for vandalism, hospitalized

 Shaun White arrested for vandalism, hospitalized

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Spacecraft detects snow falling on Mars


Researchers have calculated that carbon dioxide snow particles on Mars are roughly the size of a human red blood cell. Martian snow is depicted in this artist's rendering as a mist or fog that eventually settles to the surface.A spacecraft orbiting Mars has detected carbon dioxide snow falling on the Red Planet, making Mars the only body in the solar system known to host this weird weather phenomenon.

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Obama says China trade practices harm US auto parts workers



The United States threw down the gauntlet against China on Monday, accusing the country of distorting trade by subsidizing exports of auto parts.

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Will 'Idol' lose its edge with flashy new panel?


When When "American Idol" first arrived on the Fox airwaves, its judges weren't big news. There was an '80s pop singer, a former Journey bassist and that angry British guy. Now it's a star-studded affair.

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McDonald's placing holiday bet on McRib


According to AdAge, McDonald's will delay the release of its cult classic "McRib" sandwich until December to help boost sales. CNBC's Phil LeBeau, and Howard Penney, Hedgeye Risk Management, weigh in.

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Space shuttle Endeavour stuck in Florida


This photo provided by NASA shows space shuttle Endeavour atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft at the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Monday in Cape Canaveral, Fla.Space shuttle Endeavour apparently doesn't want to leave home.

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