Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did Oller Concede Yet?

   As of this morning, Frank Bigelow had not yet received a call from Rico Oller, conceding the race for Assembly District 5.

Horses in the Road in Jamestown

   CHP received a report that there are several horses out in the road and one was hit at Jacksonville and Twist Road in Jamestown around 7:15 PM.

     Two units were dispatched to the scene. The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office has been requested to assist CHP.   Use extra caution in the area until cleared.

Calaveras County Becoming More Moderate....

   ...Just Like the Country!

   If you judge by yesterday's election, it has become clear that sweeping out the Supervisorial seats of Tofanelli and Tryon,

Lungren vs Bera Still Undecided

  While Ami Bera is ahead by a few hundred votes, the Congressional race between Dan Lungren and Ami Bera is

Calaveras Arts hold Holiday Home Concert - Fa La La Festive starring Mountain Melody

Mountain Melody Sings the Holiday Favorites and New to You Favorites


The scent of cinnamon, cloves, and cocoa fill the air mixing with the sweet sounds of angel voices.  Close your eyes and dream of sugarplums, dancing elves, and holidays past and present. 

Traffic Accident in Valley Springs

   A vehicle that ran off the road at Hwy 26 and Deardorf in Glencoe, is just now being cleared by CHP at 6 PM.

   The car, which had gone about 15 feet over the embankment, is now getting towed.  It is not known if there were any injuries.

Romney Supporters, the Mourning After


Thanks to the barrage of political ads and candidate robo-calls, a lot of Americans woke up today with a nasty case of campaign fatigue. And, of course, close to 49 percent of the country, whether they live in a blue state or red state...

Cliff Edson Defeats Gary Tofanelli in District 1

    Due to Cliff Edsons signing on with the and non-profit free tax money group, he defeated Gary Tofanelli for District 1 Supervisor.

   The numbers with 100% of the ballots counted is 941 for Tofanelli to 1232 for Edson.

Proposition 30 Wins, tax Retro-Active to January of 2012

   While we were not totally surprised that the Governors Proposition 30 won, we for some reason did not realize that the tax is retro-active to January of this year.

  Brown campaigned with the unions to pass this propostion and increase taxes.

District 2 nearly a Tie Vote

   With 100% of the ballots counted, Chris Wright has a very slim lead over Bryce Randall for Supervisor of District 2.

    The count is 1107 to 1091, and clearly indicates a District divided over whether they want to continue the anti-job policies of Steve Wilensky.

Barack Obama 44th President....

....of the United States.

   This was announced not long after the polls in California closed at 8 PM last night.

Midseason All-Pro team



Peyton Manning and Clay Matthews are two easy choices as the top NFL players during the midway point.: Clay Matthews and Peyton Manning are two easy choices as the top NFL players during the midway point.

Man Finds Tumor After Pregnancy Test


A Reddit post about a man's positive pregnancy test appears to have unwittingly flagged a testicular tumor.

Debbie Ponte New District 4 Supervisor

   With 100% of the ballots counted, Debbie Ponte has won the District 4 Supervisor seat from 28 years of Tom Tryon rule.

    The count is 1461 to 944. Congratulations, Debbie.

Looking Old May Signal Heart Trouble


Have you seen the Internet ads for the 53-year-old mom who looks 27? Not only does she look better than people who actually show their age, a new Danish study has found there's a good chance she'll live longer, too. The older you look, the less time you will live.

Nor'easter Threatens Sandy Victims



As those left the wake of Sandy's devastation continue to seek shelter, meteorologists point to a new threat – a nor'easter heading for devastated areas. It's a situation that has some doctors worried that many of those affected by Sandy could face a life-threatening situation in the form of hypothermia.


Arrest at New Hogan Dam

  An intoxicated person was arrested for Public Intoxication at New Hogan Dam in Valley Springs on November 6, 2012.

  The name is not know at this time.

Payton's new deal coming soon?

 What is the outlook for a new contract extension for Sean Payton in New Orleans now that GM Mickey Loomis' suspension is over?

30 Dead in Meningitis Outbreak


The FDA commissioner will testify at a congressional hearing on the outbreak that has sickened 419 people and killed 30.

Counterfeit $5 bill Found in Valley Springs

   The Chevron station in Valley Springs called the Sheriff to report that they had been given a counterfeit $5 bill.

   The Sheriff wants to warn businesses out there that they should check the cash they receive carefully.

   It isn't known if they have a suspect in the case or not.

Scotland crowd flees freak fireworks bursts



A fireworks rocket misfired and ricocheted into boxes of undetonated fireworks, setting the rest of the $3,200 display in Scotland off at once, scattering the audience and injuring a girl, media reported.

Painting the NFC South playoff picture


Nov. 6: PFT Live: The NFC South began the year as a one-team division with the Falcons dominating, but Mike Florio says that as the Saints gain momentum, and the Buccaneers lean on rookie RB Doug Martin, there could be more playoff teams from the NFC South than we thought. (NBC Sports) The NFC South began the year as a one-team division with the Falcons dominating, but  as the Saints gain momentum, and the Buccaneers lean on rookie RB Doug Martin, there could be more playoff teams from the NFC South than we thought.

Board of Supervisors to Honor Andy Ballantyne

  At the Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Board of Supervisors meeting, Andy Ballantyne, of Valley Springs will be honored for his dedicated service to Calaveras Veterans and Community Services.

   Gary Tofanelli is in charge of this presentation.  This is the first thing on the agenda, after public comments.

Car Break-in and Theft in Valley Springs

  A resident on St. Andrews in Valley Springs reported on November 6, 2012,  that their car was broken into and the stereo and battery were taken.

   The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office took the information. It is not known if there is a suspect in the case.

Traffic Collision in Murphys

   UPDATE:  CHP shows the road was cleared by 8:30 AM

 CHP is working at a traffic accident at Main and Sheep Ranch Rd in Murphys that occured around 7:45 AM on November 7, 2012.

   Reportedly, a black sedan hit an object as yet not known. CHP is enroute. It is also unknown at this time if there are any injuries.  Stay clear of the area if possible until cleared.