Friday, November 23, 2012

Spellman Brags About his Slurs to Women?

   UPDATE:  Now we have become aware of a Valley Springs TP? couple that he also used or were voluntarily involved in these slurs. We are shocked!!! More of a conspiracy than we ever thought possible.

   We have had a couple of people, who aren't on the TP (Tea Party or Toilet Paper) e-mail circuit ask if they can see the e-mails that Spellman is circulating about women. Unfortunately it will all be exposed

Don't Cut in Line on Me....

  So said one man who had been waiting in line and people kept cutting in front of him to get the few items available for Black Friday sales.

  He meant it too, as he pulled a gun on them and police had to be called in San Antonio, Texas. Not exactly my idea of shopping. How about you?

DOW Rallies in Short Session

  The Dow Jones lndustrial Average gained 172 points today, to close above 13,000, in an abbrieviated session on Wall Street because of the holiday.

'Ideal Weight' Ballooning With Waistlines


As Americans pack on the pounds, so does their idea of the perfect weight, a new Gallup poll found. The average adult weighs 176 pounds, according to the poll, up 15 pounds since Gallup started tracking weight in 1990. The average ideal weight is 162.

Texans should give thanks  |  More on game


   With help from a terrible referee mistake, and coach Jim Schwartz's mental blunder, Houston improves to 10-1 and extends Detroit's Thanksgiving skid to nine years.

Bullied, Institutionalized for Tourettes


Frank Bonifas, author of "Fu-Fu-Fu Frank," was bullied, sexually abused and institutionalized before he got help.

Generic Lipitor Recalled Over Glass


The cholesterol-lowering drug might contain glass particles, drug maker said.

After this turkey, stick a fork in the Jets



   Once again, N.Y. was non-competitive against a superior foe. Thursday's offering was a 49-19 loss to New England in which the Patriots scored 35 second-quarter points and 21 points in 52 seconds.

Board of Supervisors Meeting Tuesday November 27, 2012

   Although we are certain they tried to get out of it, there will be a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

   Since the preliminary agenda is always on Wednesday, we will wait to mention agenda items until Friday, when they always throw things in at the last minute, hoping no one notices.

   There will be two meetings in December, only 1 week apart. Be sure to check in here to make sure you don't miss them.

Are You.....

Waiting in a Black Friday line?

Battery at Halle Berry's Home

   The police had to be called to the home of Halle Berry on Thanksgiving Day when her ex came by to return their daughter.

   The ex was arrested for battery, after confronting and allegedly assaulting her fiance.

NFL'a Twin Brothers Not Happy on Thanksgiving Day

   Rex Ryan, coach of the NY Jets and his twin bother Rob, who is defensive coach of the Dallas Cowboys had to work on Thanksgiving, so dinner had to wait.

   The worst part is that both brother's teams suffered embarrassing losses that made them a little less than thankful.

   In fact, on ESPN, there was talk of why Dallas is called America's team and why they always play on Thanksgiving Day.

Kathleen Galgiani Wins Senate Seat Over Berryhill

  After many thought Bill Berryhill's re-election was a done deal, Kathleen Galgiani came back in late counted votes to take his California State Senate Seat away from him.

  Galgiani will serve in Senate District 5, which represents Calaveras County.

Mushroom Poisoning Claims 3rd Victim


The accidental deaths of three California women from mushroom poisoning comes at a time of mounting reports of poisoning from wild toadstools across the county, according to a prominent liver specialist.

Should coaches pull stars in routs?



: Should coaches pull their star players when they have big leads, specifically  Bill Belichick's recent coaching decisions.

Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Chest Gets Surgery


Five weeks ago, Audrina Cardenas was born with her heart outside her body. As impossible as it might sound, Audrina survived thanks to a life-saving surgery to tuck her heart back where it belongs.

Texans playing Lions for a spot in the playoffs



DETROIT    - The Houston Texans have put themselves in a position to be the NFL's first team to seal a spot in the playoffs and to move a step closer toward earning home-field advantage in the AFC.