Saturday, December 8, 2012

Claire McCaskill Gets Whiplash in Senate

   Probably the funniest thing we've seen in a longtime was what CSPAN caught on video just as Mitch McConnell jumped up to filibuster his own bill, which would allow the President to raise the debt celing without Congressional approval,

    She grabbed her neck and twisted it, saying "Whiplash"!  It was hilarious!  McConnell had embarrassed himself by requesting a vote on his bill, and then objecting to it when it turned out the Democrats had the votes necessary to pass it.

    You have to love POLI--TICS!!!!

Traffic Hazard Reported in Calaveritas

   UPDATE:  At 8:07 PM CHP was notified that the cow is still in the road.

Dear Rancho Calaveras readers:

   The Sentinel wants you to know we are trying to keep up with traffic and other news for your area. If you have anything you'd like us to know, just send us an e-mail to

Traffic Accident At Rock Creek

   At 7:15 PM a tow was called to clear this accident.

Cold Remedy Cocktails: Do They Work?



When it comes to adding a shot of alcohol to your cold or flu remedy, it's hard not to wish those boozy concoctions are doing some good for your health. As it turns out, they are. Well, kinda. Drinks like hot toddies, which traditionally contain alcohol of some type, are good for you in moderation.

Writer is attention to driving

   Just this morning, we have seen reports of a ladder, a bale of hay, a dolly, and a couple of cows on the major freeways that we haven't reported to our readers.

   Not only do you need to be extra careful driving and keep your eyes on the road ahead, but those hauling loads, need to take extra precautions to tie everything down securely.

Pedestrian hit by car in West Point....

   The woman who was hit by a car last night in West Point is well-known around town. Her name is Mary Gerow, 90, who lives in West Point.

Letter to the Editor.....About Holiday driving

   Dear Editor:

    On my way from Murphys to Angels Camp this morning, I passed a small gray Jeep station wagon and the couple in it were fighting.

Could Peyton win MVP?


 Peyton Manning's having an incredible season to this point. Is it possible that he could have  another 10-win season.

Does Peter Racz agree with us--Spellman should be one term?

  We have to congratulate Peter Racz for bringing up during public comment that its better that our Supervisors only serve one term. And Peter Racz is one of Spellmans closest associates.

Tom Brady, Gisele welcome baby girl


 New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, have announced the birth of their second child, a girl named Vivian Lake.

Want Sharks?


While officials on Friday mulled what to do with a whale carcass rotting on a beach in ritzy Malibu, Calif., some locals were worried it might attract some unwanted visitors: sharks.

West Virginia University mascot told to stop firing musket at wildlife


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - The musket toted by West Virginia University's Mountaineer isn't just a prop - it's a bona fide weapon, and mascot Jonathan Kimble demonstrated that when he brought down a black bear with it in the woods.

Illegal bunny sales? LAPD defends 'reply all' on arrests



An internal police email directed officers to make more arrests so that the Los Angeles Police Department can "avoid negative coverage" over illegal rabbit sales.

Calaveras County Water District Meeting Still Refuses to Film

   Calaveras County Water District (CCWD), the special district that gets tax money from all of us, and yet refuses to film

Wise Man or Elf Walking on Hwy 99?

  Now there's a report of someone walking on Hwy 99 at Jack Tone Road. Could it be one of the wise men, or a lost elf. CHP are enroute to check it out.

   Use caution if driving Hwy 99, as strange things appear on that roadway.

Lumber on Hwy 99 at Eight Mile Road

  Use extra caution if you travel down Eight Mile Road to Hwy 99, as there are 4x4's in the 2nd lane at that location.

   However, if you want to add to your Christmas list

Linden Site of Traffic Accident

   If you use Milton Rd. be cautious this morning as a traffic accident has occurred at Milton Road and N. Fine Road in Linden. The Jeep has severe front end damage.

   No injuries have been reported after a Ford pickup and a Jeep collided. The vehicles on on the right hand side of the road, so road is clear as of 8:40 AM.

Rancho Calaveras Traffic Accident on Garner

  UPDATE:  As of 8:30 AM the roadway is clear per CHP.

    CHP is still in the process of clearing a traffic accident

Spellman Wants to revive Shooting Rancho Calaveras?

   We have heard talk that Supervisor Spellman is still upset that his friends didn;t get their shooting range site in Valley Springs.

   Maybe he could get his constituents in Rancho to allow it

Rubio to "Resurrect the Republican Party"

   According to Bill O'Reilly, FOX in an interview with Marco Rubio, freshman Senator from Florida "You are now the leader of the party. You have to resurrect the Republican Party, in addition to taking care of your constituents in Florida."

   Rubio seemed to be sweating with the stress. He's got a big job on his hands.

Goodell says NFL would help fund Oakland stadium


OAKLAND, Calif. - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday the league is willing to contribute funding to help build a stadium in Oakland to keep the Raiders in town.

Darren Spellman writes e-mail Slurs?

   Many candidates have problems with publications not agreeing with what they do or say. When Supervisor Spellman doesn't like it that you've told him you won't be supporting his re-election campaign what does he do?