Friday, December 14, 2012

Three New Calaveras Planning Commissioners Possible

   Looks like 2013 will be the end of a long span of serving on the Planning Commission for Ted Allured. Also most likely to be replaced is Mike Miller, due to the defeat of his Supervisor Tom Tryon.

   Less sure is weather Fawn McLaughlin will get the nod to stay on when the new Supervisor for District 2 takes their seat.

Accident on Hwy 4 at Big Trees State Park

   7: 45 PM:  CHP is presently handling two accident that occurred on Hwy 4 at Big Trees State Park. Two  vehicles apparently have slid off the road within a mile of each other.  Hwy 4 is icy in the Ebbetts Pass area.

   Use extra caution in that area until cleared.

Bonnie Newman Corrects Supervisor Spellman

   Bonnie Newman, during Public Comments at the December 11, 2012 Board of  Supervisors meeting, made a point to correct Supervisor Spellman on statements he made at the previous meeting regarding how much money is handled by In-Home Supportive Services and the Public Authority.

   Newman has followed details of this agency for years and perhaps Supervisor Spellman should check with her before he "runs on and on" as Newman stated he had done in error.

Calaveras Board Clerk Didn't Complete Minutes?

   We were actually shocked to hear the Board Clerk pull Item 5 from the Consent Agenda at the December 11, 2012 Board of Supervisors meeting.

   Isn't that the Board Clerk's number 1 responsibility? Weren't there at least 2 weeks between Board meetings in order for them to be completed?

   What seems to be the problem?

Newtown Shooting: Young Kids Cope With Horror


Child development experts say young children whose families and lives are stable before the shootings will fare best in the long run.

1972 Dolphins gather to celebrate 40th anniversary


 Don Shula had the 1972 Miami Dolphins over to his house for dinner Thursday to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of their perfect season.

Man in Mitt Romney mask robs Virginia bank


A man wearing what appears to be a Mitt Romney mask robbed a Virginia bank yesterday -- the same bank hit by a robber in a Hillary Clinton mask two years ago. But that's not the only reason the FBI is calling the holdup unusual.

Supervisor Spellman As Vice-Chair? Oh, NO!

   We received yet another strange e-mail from Supervisor Darren Spellman. We have so many now, it's hard to count them all. 

Not another shooting?

  Yes, it's true. 27 people were killed, 20 of them children at a school in Newton, Connecticut by a mass shooter. This is one of the worst in US history.

It's a Party...and You're Invited if....

  California State Democratic Party Chairman John Burton (I almost wrote Tim) is turning 80 and he and a couple hundred friends will be partying at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

   For a nominal $1000 per ticket, you too can join in the fun.

We live in California.....

Could there be anything better?

Planning Commission Denies "Sawmill"

   After what we would have to call a "salty", if not nasty debate in front of the Calaveras County Planning Commission, Castle and Cooke's Dave Haley walked out an unhappy man

Calaveras Arts Announces Ovations 2013 Schedule and Performing Artists


 Top Left to Right  Joe Craven Trio, Chinyakare Ensemble;
Middle; Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet;
Bottom Left to Right; Viviana Guzman Group, Felici Piano Trio

Catholics Herald Passage of Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines


    The Philippines House of Representatives has voted to pass the Reproductive Health Bill (commonly known as the RH Bill), which will give millions of women access to contraception that was, in many cases, out of their reach.   

City of Angels Camp meets....

  On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 the Angels Camp City Council meets at the firehouse with the only regular agenda item to give Chief of Police Todd Fordhall a raise.

   The regular meeting starts at 6 PM, but there are two closed session items, appointing a finance officer and evaluation of the City Administrator, that are scheduled at 5 PM.

Murphys Sanitary District Special Meeting Changed

  The Murphys Sanitary District is holding their  special meeting, closed session, on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 9 AM at after being unable to find a suitable new General Manager

Same Sex Marriage Boosts Mental Health: Study



Reported by Dr. Jennifer Austin: As the Supreme Court gears up to hear arguments on the legality of same-sex marriage, a new study suggests such unions may boost mental health. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual people who are married have significantly lower levels of psychological distress, according to a study.

Possible Door to Door Scam


Agency Logo
Friday December 14, 2012, 9:14 AM

Calaveras County Sheriff's Office

    On 12-12-12, the Calaveras Sheriff's Office received several reports from different residents around the San Andreas area regarding subjects,

Filipino House OKs RH Bill


    MANILA, Philippines — The House of Representatives made history last night with its approval of the controversial reproductive health bill that preceded two months of highly emotional debates

Gov. Jerry Brown Has Prostate Cancer


Brown is expected to continue working during treatment.