Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This Jet is out of fuel



   The Jets' season-long litany of errors caught up to them on Monday night as they turned the ball over five times in a 14-10 loss in Tennessee that ended their playoff hopes.

Did you know.....?

   ....that the leading cause of accidental death in California is not from motor vehicle accidents. No,

Merry Christmas from Senator Gaines

South Carolina Gets its first black Senator

   Nikki Haley, in all her glory, and obvious smarts, has appointed Congressman Tim Scott to replace Jim DeMint in the Senate.

   Not at all a political move, it's certainly just a coincidence that he is a black Republican, the first to represent South Carolina in the Senate.

Along the Gun Trail....

   Follow the $$$.

Overgrowth? Undergrowth? A Vermont Paper of Record Decides to Ask


     Thanks to George Plumb for pointing out that the Burlington Free Press has tackled the population issue, as of December 16th, 2012, with a set of 7 articles. Below is the link to the main article, from which you can access the remaining six — including an interview with PMC President, Bill Ryerson.

   Overgrowth? Undergrowth?

Are Pats still in good shape?


The Patriots nearly pulled of a remarkable comeback against the 49ers on Sunday night, but the loss drops the Pats out of the two seed in the AFC. Despite the loss, there's no cause for panic in New England.

Chains Required on Hwy 4

   CHP reports that chains are still required between Cottage Springs and Mt Reba on Hwy 4.

Resources to Help Parents of Mentally Ill Children


When Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and fatally shot 20 children and six adults, the attack re-opened a fierce debate about mental illness. Lanza, 20, reportedly had an unspecified personality disorder, and in the wake of the rampage, many parents are demanding something be done.

Is this the year of the Cowboys?


 Maybe all the despair is finally getting to them. Perhaps the Dallas Cowboys have been so hardened by disappointment that they're suddenly feeling invincible. They're not just showing signs of life, but of determination and perseverance.

Traffic Hazard in San Andreas

  10:10 AM the traffic hazard has been cleared.

Senior Project

This is a Senior Project that will help many needy people.

     HI,  please help me make my goal possible.

    My project involves learning about the work of The Salvation Army and supporting that work by raising $5,000 through an online Red Kettle campaign.

      At this time of year when we remember how grateful we are for all that we have, I hope you will consider a gift to The Salvation Army and support my senior project by clicking on the link below to donate through myonline Red Kettle.

      I also encourage you to forward this message to friends and family so we can ROCK THIS KETTLE big time.

Seahawks the team to beat?


The Seahawks are riding the great play of rookie QB Russell Wilson all the way to the playoffs. Can Seattle stay hot enough to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Schools First Line of Defense Against Mental Illness


Regardless, schools are forced to balance students' mental health needs with shrinking budgets.

Peterson destined for history?



 Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is within reach of Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record and Peterson is only getting better.

Single pothole damaged 25 vehicles in one day


A single pothole in California damaged more than two dozen cars in one day during a recent storm.


Big trouble ahead for Big Blue?


   The Falcons' 34-0 whipping of the Giants told a lot more about the trouble facing New York than the quality of Atlanta.

Traffic Hazard in Campo Seco

   At 9:20 AM CHP notified the Sheriff that they needed animal control to respond to the scene for a loose cow.

Are Pats still in good shape?

The Patriots nearly pulled of a remarkable comeback against the 49ers on Sunday night, but the loss drops the Pats out of the two seed in the AFC. Despite the loss, There's no cause for panic in New England.  

Home HIV Test -- No 'Live' Counselor


Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in July, the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test hit drug-store shelves two months ago as the first -- and so far only -- over-the-counter HIV home test kit to capture testing and results in one sitting. Hailed as a breakthrough, it's also generated its share of hand-wringing.

Will more postseason mean less preseason?


 Roger Goodell wants to extend the the playoffs, but. the NFL would have to give something in return to the players union.

Do Video Games Make Kids Violent?


Experts disagree on the effects of simulated violence on children.