Friday, December 28, 2012

Shanahan: No one has ever played at RG3's level



     Redskins coach Mike Shanahan told reporters on Thursday that Griffin's array of talents is unprecedented in NFL history.

Accident at Hwy 12 and Hwy 88

   UPDATE:   At 4:40 PM two CHP units are at the location. They are still waiting on a tow truck.

Can the oyster industry survive ocean acidification?



     For four frustrating months in 2007, Mark Wiegardt and his wife, Sue Cudd, witnessed something unsettling at their Oregon oyster hatchery: tank bottoms littered with dead baby oysters.

Climate Change Causes Forest Die-Off Globally


     Already facing an onslaught of threats from logging and conversion for agriculture, forests worldwide are increasingly impacted by the effects of climate

Will Colleges Kick Coal out of Their Stockings?


-By Kate Sheppard and Tim McDonnell

     Can college students reshape energy politics in the US by reforming their colleges' endowments? That's the hope of idealistic students at 189 different campuses across the country who have launched campaigns to encourage their school administrators and trustees to dump all their investments in fossil fuels.

     The campaign, the students say, gives them a direct check on the power of the oil, coal and gas industries, which they hope will have broader effects nationwide.

     "We were feeling, like the rest of the climate movement, pretty frustrated with the political situation in the US," said Alli Welton, a sophomore at Harvard and the co-coordinator of the school's divestment campaign.

      "We felt that fossil fuel corporations just had too much control over Congress, and it was really hard to see how we could overcome that barrier."

     "Divestment was really exciting," continued Welton, a native of Washington state studying the history of science. "It was striking directly at the fossil fuel companies themselves, instead of going at their proxies in Congress. "
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The mother behind kids’ long-shot legal crusade



     EUGENE, Ore. — For Julia Olson, it all started with "An Inconvenient Truth."
The then-thirtysomething environmental lawyer watched Al Gore's climate change documentary while eight months pregnant with her second child.

United Nations bans female genital mutilation


     The United Nations General Assembly today passed unanimously a resolution banning the practice of Female Genital Mutilation.

Sherman tweets he won his appeal


    It looks like the Seahawks will have cornerback Richard Sherman for the playoffs after all.

Substitute Cancer Drugs Less Effective, Study Finds


     A shortage of the cancer treatment drug mechlorethamine led to a substitute drug that whose results are not as good.

Fans will still watch Pro Bowl


  There are many ongoing issues surrounding the Pro Bowl. Regardless of the quality of play, the game still features the best players in the world, and for that reason fans will watch.

Kenya Hospital Imprisons New Moms Who Can't Pay


For new mothers who can't pay their bill, detention is the norm at one hospital.

Most surprising team of the year?

  The Colts' had unexpected success this season and their incentive to beat the Texans in the season finale could surprise everyone.

'Bubble Boy' Bill Passes Congress


    'Bubble Boy' bill to create home treatment pilot program passes Congress, awaits the President's   signature.

Pickup and Boat Hazard in Carson Hill

   12:45 PM:  CHP has received a report that a pickup and boat are blocking Hwy 49 in Carson Hill. a unit has been dispatched to that location.

Yelling and Flipping off Cars

   12:30 PM: CHP received a complaint that there is a person near the corner of Hwy 88 and Martell Rd. in Martell, yelling and flipping off passing cars.

   Two CHP units are enroute to the scene. Maybe he didn't get what he wanted for Christmas.


Weirdest record of 2012: The juggling triathlon


     You completed a triathlon? We're not impressed. Try doing it while juggling the whole way.


The Calaveras Board of Supervisors...

   ..Callaway and Spellman, are enjoying their Christmas vacation. They are the only two who are left now.

Sherman, Sullivan among biggest Pro Bowl snubs


     Every year when the Pro Bowl rosters come out, we see past-their-prime players with recognizable names chosen, while less famous players with better seasons are snubbed. Still, it was rather surprising to see a couple of blatantly bad picks on this year's rosters.

Vikings won't stop Packers


    The Vikings are playing for a postseason berth. The Packers are playing for a bye. The Packers remain the better team, and they have every reason to demonstrate that on Sunday.

Traffic Hazard at Hunt Rd and Hwy 4 in Copperopolis

   UPDATE:  11 AM:  CHP has cleared Hwy 4 of traffic hazard. Road is clear.

Camper rolled off Truck on Hwy 88

   CHP is enroute to the scene of a truck and camper that rolled off of a truck on Hwy 88 at the Carson Spur and is blocking the road. The party has requested bolt cutters be brought to the scene.

  A tow truck has been dispatched. No injuries are reported.

Cowboys, Redskins both playoff-bound?


   The Cowboys at Redskins game has been flexed into primetime and both teams have the opportunity to clinch a playoff berth. 

No worries: Being neurotic may have a healthy upside


    Self-described neurotics who also have high levels of conscientiousness (organized, plan ahead, and are extremely self-controlled) have fewer diagnosed chronic health conditions, according to research.

Who should be Coach of the Year?


   Who do you think deserves to be NFL Coach of the Year?   Heading into the last week of the regular season there are still several coaches in contention for the award, including Minnesota's Leslie Frazier and Indianopolis' Bruce Arians.

Eagles rally around embattled coach Andy Reid


 From rookies to veterans, the Philadelphia Eagles fully support Andy Reid.

Arrest for Felony Battery in San Andreas

   On January 28, 2012 Calaveras Sheriff's deputies arrested Charles Gartside Williams V, 30, of Dorrington, at the Black Bart in San Andreas

Gray Pickup Runs off Hwy 4 in Arnold

   CHP is at the location of a 4-door gray pickup that ran off Hwy 4 in Arnold around 9 AM.  A tow truck has been dispatched to the scene.

   There don't appear to be any injuries in the accident. Everything is solid ice in Ebbetts Pass this morning, so use extra caution

School Shooter's DNA to Be Studied


     Geneticists have been asked to study the DNA of Adam Lanza, the Connecticut man whose shooting rampage killed 27 people, including an entire first grade class.

    The study, which experts believe may be the first of its kind, is expected to be looking for abnormalities or mutations in Lanza's DNA.

Dentist Office Doubles as a Beauty Spa


    Scary lights, intrusive equipment and high-pitched sounds that make you squirm are what normally come to mind when one thinks of a visit to the dentist's office. Not so for the patients of Dr. Patty's Dental Boutique in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. that doubles as a beauty spa.