Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No relief from House of Representatives for Sandy Victims?

   Just after the vote about the "fiscal cliff", which passed without a majority of Republican support, Steny Hoyer, Representative from New York, asked to speak.

Arrest for Burglary in Angels Camp

      According to the Angels Camp Police Department, at approximately 5 AM on January 1, 2013, one of their officers was briefed by the CHP regarding a DUI arrest they had made near Copperopolis.

"Second Impact Syndrome" concussions

   Now identified as "Second Impact Syndrome", a teen who may seem fine after a concussion at football practice, could suffer worse symptoms and even die later on from this syndrome.

   Concussions are now taken more seriously than ever before.

NASA Plans Mars Trip.... in 2035

   Nasa makes long-range plans. And one thing on their list is a 2035 trip to Mars for astronauts. They will be exposed to dangerous effects of powerful radiation, which is associated with cancer, cataracts and other health hazards.

Happy New Year...

Hillary Clinton Has Blood Clot

   After fainting earlier in the month, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was found to have a blood clot near the brain.

   She is being given blood thinners and remains hospitalized.

Supervisor Callaway Will Have Her Hands Full

   There is no question that without a CAO, more pressure will be placed on the 2013 Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Chair Callaway.

Traffic Hazard Reported in Valley Springs

   12:15PM Hazard cleared.

   11:40 AM:  CHP has just received a report of a traffic hazard at Myrtle and Daphne Streets in Valley Springs.

  It hasn't been made clear what the traffic hazard is, but use caution in that area until cleared.