Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vikings get smacked

The Minnesota Vikings took quite a licking from the Green Bay Packers in tonite's One person mentioned those ugly striped snow hats with the pom poms might have been bad luck.

Adrian Peterson expects more

   The Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has 409 yards and three touchdowns in two games against the Packers this season.

   He expects to get more of the same in tonights Wild Card game.

First Wildcard game

    The Houston Texans beat the Cincinnati Bengals 19-13 in the AFC .

Traffic Accident in Avery

   CHP are enroute to a traffic accident that occured at Avery-Sheep Ranch Rd and Fullen Rd in Avery.

  No injuries have been reported.

That's the ticket...throw it in the river!

   A drug smuggler who was being chased by cops, ran to the edge and threw his tightly wrapped kilo of cocaine into the river.

   The cocaine floated, the whole thing was taped on dash-cam and the suspect is SOL.

One Poor Kitty Survives 8 days in tree

   It took four harrowing attempts to get a kitty dubbed "Fortunate" out of an 80 foot tall tree. and then she fell. She survived though and is recuperating.

Another Facebook joke leads to arrest

   It seems that an 18-year-old in Oregon joked on Facebook about driving drunk and getting in a hit-and-run accident.

   Then he was arrested because his "friends" saw the posting and reported it to police.  No one was hurt apparently, but two cars were damaged.

Egging in cops?

    Hard to believe that three Newton, Massachusetts police officers were caught after egging the home a a police sergeant, according to the MetroWest Daily News.

   Lets serve, protect and...vandalize?

Duct Tape good for Unruly Passengers, too!

   Everyone knows a little duct tape is good for almost anything. It worked on an airline when a tipsy passenger became unruly. He was taped and zip-tied; and then someone took a picture with their cellphone.

Alice Jones of Valley Springs

   Alice F. Jones, of Valley Springs, passed away on January 2, 2013 at Mark Twain St. Joseph's Hospital in San Andreas. She was 64.

Laurie Jo Meyer of Jenny Lind

   Laurie Jo Meyer, of Jenny Lind, passed away at home on November 23, 2012. She was 49.

Another Spin-Out on Hwy 4

   We just received a report at 9:30 AM that CHP is responding to another spin-out on Hwy 4, this time at Moran on Hwy 4 in Ebbetts Pass.

Traffic Accident in Ebbetts Pass

  At 8:45 AM CHP responded to a traffic collision on Hwy 4 at Big Trees Parkway in Ebbetts Pass. A white Ford pickup is on its roof,