Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Op-Ed Florida's Population Paradox

   Explaining why 600 people a day moved to the Sunshine State, the late Florida Senate President Jim King used to say,

Sleeping Cop Loses Loaded Gun

   A cop in New Jersy who was spotted sleeping in his patrol car last summer has now lost a loaded handgun, according to his lawyer. He was suspended.

   A resident in Arnold told us they had a photo of a CalTrans worker sleeping in the truck by the side on a back road, but then became afraid of retaliation. We totally understand that, but we think they should be turned in.

White House sends link to White board of fiscal cliff

   A few minutes ago, David Plougge, Senior Advisor at the White House sent us a link to an explanation of the fiscal cliff bill. Here's Brian Deese, from the National Economic Council.

The Abused California Bear

   A friend recommended we read a book called "Crazifornia", sub-titled "Tales from the tarnished state. How California is destroying itself and why it matters to America." by Laer Pearce.

    We aren't sure if we recommend the book to read, but the cover shows a California (flag) bear knocked

Planning Director Responds to Haley's e-mail

   Rebecca Willis, Calaveras County Planning Director, sent us a response regarding Castle and Cooke's Dave Haley sending out an e-mail to residents in Copperoplis.

Traffic Hazard Reported on Hwy 49 and Poole Station Rd

   CHP is handling a report of a traffic hazard at Hwy 49 and Poole Station Road in San Andreas.  A tow truck has been dispatched to the scene.W

   We have no other details at this time.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 26 at Jack Tone Road

   At 11:40 AM:  CHP is responding to a traffic accident at the intersection of Jack Tone Road and Hwy 26. An ambulance is also enroute to the scene.

CHP Again Replaces San Andreas Commander

   In what seems like a very short time, Josh Ehlers, who was placed in the San Andreas CHP office as commander, is now leaving.

49ers play Packers Saturday

       Can out 49ers take out the Packers to move on in the Playoffs? Or should we ask, can the Packer handle our new quarterback, Kaepernick?

    I guess we'll find out. Go Niners!!!

Tom McClintocks Staff Visiting County--Got Questions?

   As those of you who attend Board of Supervisors know, Congressman McClintock's staff have been around Calaveras County, even telling the Board of Supervisors that they are available

No Gay Eagle Scouts?

   After a decade of completing requirements for the Boy Scouts' highest award, Ryan Andresen was denied the rank of Eagle....WHY! 

   Because he was GAY!

Can the Ravens win on Saturday?

   Denver beat the Ravens 34-17 three weeks ago and Peyton Manning has beaten Baltimore nine straight times, so the Ravens could be in trouble come Saturday.

CalFire News Tweets ..... GUNS!

    UPDATE: CalFire's office in Sacramento says CalFire News is not part of CalFire and they are not responsible for anything they tweet.

   They say their employees never would write or tweet personal comments or opinions like gun control.

    As our readers are aware, the Sierra Sentinel has been critical of CalFire, many of their workers gossip, waste time and that they take our $150 per home to feed