Sunday, January 20, 2013

Get a million "likes"...get a puppy!

   A Massachussetts father had his two daughters begging for a puppy, when finally he told them "Get a million likes on Facebook, and then we'll talk.

    Well, they haven't decided what kind of puppy they'll get, but Dad had to eat his words. The girls got all their friends to help and they get a puppy.


49ers Will Play the Ravens in Superbowl

  Nearly everyone was surprised that the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots this afternoon.

   Now we will have both Harbaugh brothers, a very unique Superbowl.

Car Vs Deer

  A vehicle reportedly hit a deer on Hwy 26 at Paloma Rd in Valley Springs at around 7:30 PM. The injured deer is on the road. CHP is enroute to the scene.

Time to Raise Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)

    Regardless of who the public wants to get the revenue, it is time the TOT tax was raised. The one Supervisor who has been meeting with an owner of a B&B, is

49ers Win....But the Hard Way

   Niners going to the Superbowl!

  The 49ers pulled out the win, but it wasn't easy. Nothing like the Packers game last week. The Falcons intended to win and if not for two timely turnovers, might have beat the Niners.

   The final score was 28-24 49ers. The Niners head to the Superbowl!!!

   Tonight the other Harbaugh brother John and his Baltimore Ravens, try to defeat the New England Patriots to challenge his brother in the Superbowl. We foresee the Patriots winning that game.

OP-ED.....And What about #5 Supervisor district?

   We never expect to hear from Mr. Spellman again, after exposing his slurs of women. His excuse was (in writing was that he can write any opinion he wants about women to his friends).

Republican Strategist says....

   On CNN this morning, Alex Castellanos, Republican Strategist made the statement that Barack Obama destroyed the Republican party.

   We can't find one person who agrees with that statement. Didn't the Republican party destroy itself?

Clark Gable's 1955 Mercedes Benz Auctioned Off

   Scottsdale, Arizona was the site of a special antique auto auction this week.  People are spending millions. For example, Clark Gable's 1955 Mercedes Benz sold for $1.9 million today.

   Some say antique or classic autos are a better investment that Wall Street.

Kelly Wooster New District 4 Planning Commissioner

   District 4 has a new Planning Commissioner for 2013.  Kelly Wooster, a retired attorney,