Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fry Returns from San Diego

   What was that bell that went off in my head when George Fry stood up yet again and referenced that he just returned from a mental health event in San Diego?  My imagination or what?

   Has he been there before???

Tea Party Gets Planning Commissioner

   After hearing that the tea party campaigned for Cliff Edson for Supervisor

Jeannie Middleton Honored on her retirement

   Jeannie Middelton was honored by the Sheriff's department on her retirement at the Board of Supervisor meeting today January 22, 2013.

Hyperactivity disorder diagnoses climb

   The rates of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis have increased by nearly 25% over the past decade, researchers have found..

Cloning Neanderthals?

   A Harvard geneticist has discussed closing Neanderthals, but many experts find safety and ethical hang-ups over that idea.

Werner Fornos (1933-2013)

       Werner Fornos, after a long battle with declining health, passed away on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 4:30 AM EST.

Deer Hit on Hwy 4 in Hathaway Pines

   A car hit a deer at 1:05 PM and its on Hwy 4 in Hathaway Pines. There is also a man standing on the highway at that location.

   CHP is enroute to the scene.

Traffic Accident in Arnold

   A traffic accident was reported on Oaken Drive in Arnold at 12:20 PM. CHP and an ambulance are enroute due to minor injuries reported.

   Apparently a car hit a large rock at that location.

LAFCO meets January 28, 2013

   The regular monthly meeting of LAFCO (Local Agency Foundation Commission) for Calaveras County is January 28, 2013 at 6 PM in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.

Tuolumne County's Most Wanted

Steven Joseph Murphy
DOB 4-15-81
6'0" 170 lbs
Brown Hair/Blue eyes
Wanted for three felony warrants for burglary

Bus vs car in Soulsbyville

   CHP is attending accident victims after a collision between a bus and a Toyota at Soulsbyville Rd and Willow Springs Drive in Soulsbyville.

   An ambulance is enroute to the scene due to injuries.

Letter from Vice-President Joe Biden

    Good afternoon--

    Taking the oath of office is a serious piece of business. 

Op-Ed-- And the Tea Party wonders why....

   If you wonder why the Sierra Sentinel and many others around the country have taken at least 100 yards strides away from members of the

Cow out on Dogtown Road in Angels Camp

  7:55 AM-- A black cow has been reported out on the road at Dogtown Rd and Schmauder Mine Road in Angels Camp. A CHP unit is at the scene.

Traffic Accident in Mountain Ranch

   UPDATE:   CHP arrived at the scene at 8:10 AM

   CHP reported a solo vehicle traffic accident that occurred at 7:30 AM Murray Creek Rd and Whiskey Slide Rd in Mountain Ranch.

   An ambulance is enroute to the scene due to injuries.