Sunday, February 17, 2013

Letter to the Editor....About John McCain

   Dear Editor:

   This is just a short letter because I am so tired of listening to jealous and angry old man

Best Laugh at Board of Supervisors meeting

  At February 12, 2013 Board of Supervisors meeting, while District 5 Rancho Calaveras Supervisor  Darren Spellman was ranting on and on about something, Supervisor Chris Wright offered Spellman a banana. So appropriate!

Large rock on Hwy 26

   At 8:55 AM CHP received a report that there is a large rock in the road on Hwy 26 at Red Corral Rd in Pioneer.

   A CHP unit is enroute to that location. Use caution until cleared.

Are you a Monster Energy drinker?

    Monster Energy is beginning to add caffeine to its list of ingredients on the label as it moves from a currently classified dietary supplement to a food.