Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Traffic Hazard in San Andreas

   UPDATE @ 1:57 PM:  Vehicle broken down moved out of lanes.

CalPers divests itself of gun stocks

   The Board of the California public employees retirement system voted yesterday to sell all $5 millions worth of Smith and Wesson stock it had invested in.

   They stated the reason is that they manufacture weapons that are banned in the state of California.

Missing tourist found in LA

    A Canadian tourist who was reported missing three weeks ago was finally found yesterday. Her body was located in the water tank on top of the hotel where she was staying in Los Angeles.

   Apparently only employees had a key to the door to the roof, and the only other access was the fire escape.

New Brewery on SF Waterfront

   Looks like Anchor Brewery is opening a new brewery, and where? Why right next to the new AT&T Giants ballpark in San Francisco, of course.

No CCWD moratorium in Douglas Flat

   CCWD has just notified us that the moratorium they had placed on the Douglas Flat area sewage treatment facility is cancelled.
   Does this mean that development is back on in that area?  We have asked Dennis Dooley, President of CCWD and will let you know what his response is.

Vehicle Spin-outs on Hwy 88

   At 11:45 AM several vehicle spin-outs were reported to CHP at Hwy 88 and Ridge Rd in Amador County.

   Roads are icy at higher elevations. Do not travel without chains or four-wheel drive.

If you live......

just about anywhere in Calaveras County, your greenhouse
has a blanket of snow melting off of it this morning.

Warning: Scam Alert!!

   Just letting everyone know, especially local businesses that there is an unusual SCAM going on in the County.

Kellogg's recalling...

  In case you hadn't heard, the Kellogg Company is recalling some packages of Special K Red Berries cereal because of a risk that they might contain fragments of glass.

    The voluntary recall covers some 11.2 ounce and 37 ounce packages as well as 22.4 ounce twin packs, according to a statement posted on the company's website.

If you live in......

...Ebbetts Pass, you got a lot of snow on your porch railing.

CalTrans vs tree on Hwy 88

   At 8:33 AM CHP received a report that a CalTrans vehicle hit a tree on Hwy 88. No injuries were reported, but apparently it will be an hour before CHP can reach the location.

Calaveras Board of Supervisors meets February 26, 2013

   We aren't sure if the Board of Supervisors or Board Clerk can handle the pressure? It will have only been TWO WEEKS

If you live in .....

Angels Camp, you got a little snow on your pelican!

Traffic Accident at Hwy 4 and Hwy 49

   AT 5:23 AM CHP received a report that there was a collision at Hwy 4 and Hwy 49 in Angels Camp. It is not known if there are any injuries.

   The roads are still icy today. Chains are required most everywhere in Calaveras County.