Thursday, February 21, 2013

John McCain in Schizophrenic Party

   During a town hall meeting John McCain held in his home state of Arizona,

Vegas Strip Closed Down

   In what is now reported to be a disagreement that began in a hotel,

Chamber Mixer at Murphys Hotel

    The Calaveras Chamber of Commerce will host the February 28th Chamber After-Hours Mixer

Do you eat Roadkill?

   We learned yesterday that the State of Montana is actually considering a bill making it LEGAL to eat roadkill.

   We are certain they would see a LOT more roadkill if this passes.

Cheaters Beware!!

  A woman who was lookin at a map site zoomed in on a Google-type street view and discovered her boyfriend was with another woman.

   Cheater Beware!!  He is now her ex-boyfriend.

The special Starbucks cup...

  You probably heard about the man who took a 52 ounce coffee mug into a Washington state Starbucks because he said he wanted to make history.

   Well, he did make history. The "Quadriginoctuple Frap" cost him $47.30.


Only in Texas??

   It seems that a woman in Texas was arrested after calling 911.  She said that she needed cigarettes and would the deputies please make a delivery.  Now she says she regrets the call.

How many can fit in a hatchback??

  In New Zealand police pulled over a small hatchback and made a surprising discovery.  Inside were four men and 10 sheep. It's not clear exactly where they were going.

A Valentine Day romance....

   A Vallejo couple drove to San Francisco for Valentine's Day. They found a camera case with $11,000 in it.

Watch out for baby goats

   At 9:28 AM on Hwy 12 and Burson Road baby goats were reported in the roadway. Use caution until CHP clears them off the road.

   We won't tell Big Game Hunter if you don't . SHHH!

You don't want to hear...., we are sure you don't want to hear about how people staying in the hotel where a body was found in the rooftop tank  thought the water was tasting funny, or was discolored.

   Okay, we won't bother you with any of the  horrible details then.

Sierras Under Blanket of Snow

This is Sherman Peak in Tulare County
Photo courtesy USFS 

Traffic Hazard in Double Springs

   UPDATE:  A CHP unit is onscene as of 8:08 AM to clear the lane.