Monday, March 4, 2013

Maury Povich offers help to Magic

   Magic Johnson apparently didn't appreciate Maury Povich offering to do a free paternity test on his TV show.

   Johnson denies he is the father and refuses to take any test involving a boy in Georgia who's mother claims he is the boys father.

Bakersfield Police Investigate Death

   After listening to the 911 tape  of a senior citizen who collapsed and was refused CPR by the nurse on duty, there will be an investigation.

   Apparently the elderly person home has a policy of not helping with CPR.

Burglaries in Arnold over weekend

   A burglary was reported on Meadowview Dr on March 2, 2012 and on Gertrude on March 3, 2013, both in Arnold. In addition a theft was reported at the Chevron Station.

Catherine Elizabeth Cornish of Angels Camp

    Catherine Elizabeth Cornish, of Angels Camp, passed away on February 28, 2013

Traffic Accident in Pine Grove

   CHP is still at the scene of an accident that took place at approximately 2:20 PM at Hwy 88 and Tiger Creek in Pioneer.

   An ambulance is enroute to the scene.

Read my FACE....What unity?

   With the Republican Party is such disarray, you have to feel sorry for John Boehner, who cried

Does High-Speed Rail make you nervous...?

   The promoters of high-speed rail in California have promised to hire disadvantaged workers from the Central Valley, which has been suffering greatly from the recession.

Elephant Tie, Anyone?

   We have dminished expectations, is what the new Republican Party seems to be saying after their weekend get-together in Sacramento.

Abel Maldanado Running Against Jerry Brown?

   It is widely believed that  Abel Maldanado is the most popular latino in the GOP. Is he considering running against Jerry Brown?

   Would Jim Brulte's Republicans support him if he did? After all, he is a self proclaimed "moderate". So many questions.

Traffic Hazard on Hwy 4 at Batten in Vallecito

   As of 1:34 PM the hazard is clear.

  At 12:47 PM CHP received a report of a traffic hazard at Hwy 4 and Batten Rd in Vallecito. A CHP unit is enroute to that location. We are not sure what the hazard is yet.

Jim Brulte Elected California Party Leader

   In case you hadn't noticed, Jim Brulte was elected head of the California Republican Party this morning. We couldn't actually find anyone else who really wanted the job.

Some Pension Plans Coudn't Resit Hawaii

    Although the general manager of the Los Angeles  Fire and Plice Pensions warned in an e-mail

Calaveras Arts Council Ovations Series 2013

    Viviana Guzman Group closes out the Calaveras Arts Council's Ovations Series 2013.

Budweiser truck and Lexus Collide

  At 10:10AM it was reported to CHP that a Budweiser delivery truck and a black Lexus have collided on Main Street in Mokelumne Hill.

    No injuries were reported. CHP is enroute to the scene.

One of the Miracles founders dies

   Bobby Rogers, one of the founding members of the Miracles

Supervisor Spellman Wants to HUG Castle and Cooke's Haley

    Supervisor Spellman never fails to shock and awe the public when he talks, and the public hearing regarding Castle and Cooke's Sawmill

New Gun Range in Copperopolis?

   We just had a call that a woman in Copperopolis is rumored to be starting a LEGAL

Giant Thank You Banner in Florida

   For miles around residents in Florida could see the giant banner that was pulled by a airplaine over the weekend.

    It was a Thank You to the doctor who had repaired  the broken pelvis of a man who had fallen from a horse.

Women in the NFL?

   One woman was allowed to try out during the NFL combine in New Jersey last week. She was a kicker, and her opportunity did not last long.

   She reportedly made two kicks, short ones, and then asked for a trainer and limped for the rest of the day, not kicking again.

New York man liked visiting prisoners

   Apparently a man in New York with a criminal past missed the prison life.

Sinkhole that swallowed home and resident....

   The sinkhole below a Florida home which swallowed up a man's bedroom with him in it will be completely demolished, according to authorities.

    Demolition began on Sunday and is expected to be completed today. The man was not found and how much bigger the sinkhole may get is not clear.

Flacco on QB's list of highest paid

   With the new deal the Joe Flacco got with the Ravens he is added to the list of highest paid QB's in NFL history.  Do you know who is also on that list?