Thursday, April 4, 2013

Whiskerino Dinner Dance

   The Friends of the Fair will be hosting the annual Whiskerino Dinner Dance

Roger Ebert Passed Away

   Roger Ebert passed away today. We had just heard this morning that he was taking some time away from his movie critic job to fight another bout of cancer.

   Then just a while ago, we were told that he had died.

Calaveras County Fair Box Office Open

   The Calaveras County Fair box office is now open.

New Gallup Survey about marijuana

   Marijuana is now supported to be legalized by 52% of Americans. Support has risen 11 points since 2010.

Tree Limb Blocking Gillis at Hwy 4 (Farmington Rd)

   3:26 PM  CHP is still waiting for a County road crew out of Stockton to clear a branch that fell on below Farmington on Gillis Hwy 4.

   Reportedly the oak is blocking half the road.

Sierra Sentinel complaint policy

    We have posted this many times, but feel we should remind everyone that the Sierra Sentinel, as well as all Americans, has the First Amendment right to publish our opinions.

Arrest in San Andreas for Robbery

   Jamie Ryan Ritchie, (19) of San Andreas, was arrested in San Andreas for alleged Robbery,

Arrest for City of Angels Burglary

   On April 3, 2013, Kenneth James Lee Leonard (47) of City of Angels was arrested at 315 S. Main Street in City of Angels

Person and Campfire at Angels Vet

  Calaveras Sheriff deputies were called due to a person at a campfire at the Angels Veterinary Hospital, just outside Angels Camp on April 2, 2013. No arrest was made or citation issued.

Columbia Area Planning Commission meets

   On April 18, 2013, the Columbia Area Planning Commission is holding a special meeting

Who Cheated and Voted for Defense of Marriage Act?

   Seven Republican members of Congress, one Democratic Congressman and one Democratic President supported DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), which made marriage only between one man and one woman legal in the US. Who are they?

City of Angels Camp gets Bill from Attorney

   Since the Angels Camp City Administrator referred us directly to the attorney in Roseville, who is handling the Craig Hadley lawsuit on behalf of the City, we asked how much it has cost the City up to this point.

   According to the attorney, Derek Cole, they have billed the City for $2700 as of March 31, 2013.

   He has indicated the case won't be scheduled for trial for quite some time. We also received an indication there could be a settlement.

Traffic Accident in Copperopolis

   UPDATE:  CHP reports that Hwy 4 is clear.

Made in California label?

  We kind of like the idea. Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner got her bill, SB 12 passed in its Senate Committee.

   The Bill would create consumer awareness and a label that says "Made in California" on all products produced in the state.

Governor Brown visiting China

   Well, isn't that special? Governor Brown is heading to China on business.

Oakland must repay millions in redevelopment dollars

  Shortly before Governor Brown shut down the state Redevelopment Agency,  the City of Oakland sold several properties to its Redevelopment Agency.

     Now, the state wants that money back. Oakland used the money to help balance their budget. Some called it a "gimmick" at the time.

Bill to make it easier to fire teachers passes panel

   AB 375 passes the Assembly panel 7-0 yesterday, and was backed by the Teachers Union.

   Many are concerned that if a bill to fire teachers passes and is approved by the Union, it can't be very good.  Teachers rarely ever get fired, and it can take years.

Here's Copper Bobby again...

Thank you, B 

Wide-Sweeping New Gun Laws in Connecticut

  At least the people in Connecticut are being served well by their legislature. Governor Malloy this morning signed into law sweeping new restrictions on weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines, similar to the ones used at Sandy Hook.

   They can now brag that they have some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Hooray!! The NRA must not control Connecticut!

Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle in San Andreas

   CHP reports that a car struck a pedestrian  at 10:20 AM on Market Street in San Andreas.

   An ambulance is enroute to the scene due to possible head injuries. Three CHP units are now at the scene.

A dusting of snow on the Sentinel Dome

This morning on the Sentinel Dome at Yosemite.

24 year old dies after wisdom teeth surgery

   Paramedics found the problem after a 24 year old software developer's airway was blocked following wisdon tooth surgery.

  Apparently surgical gauze was found in the airway of the patient. He died from the blockage.

Film Critic Ebert's cancer returns

   Roger Ebert, 70 year old film critic, announced that his cancer has returned and that he is taking a partial leave of  absence while undergoing treatment.

Harbaugh believes in Asomugha

   The 49ers signed Nnamdi Asomugha to a one-year, $3 million contract, even though he had been struggling in Philadelphia.

   Jim Harbaugh believes he can revive the CB's career.

Co-habitation on the rise in US

   According to a new government study, 48% of women are moving in with men with no wedding vows,  up from 43% several years ago.

46 killed in Argentina due to floods

   Some were trapped in the cars, and others were walking along a street when a flash flood hit in Argentina. Others were electrocuted, according to the governor.

   46 people have been discovered so far.

Veteran Cop Arrested

   A New York cop with 17 years of service was arrested yesterday and charged with armed robbery and narcotics trafficking, according to officials there.

   There are bad cops everywhere!!

Two violent White Supremacists Sought by Law

   Two more men connected to a violent white supremacist  gang are being sought in connection with the slaying of Colorado's prisons chief, and authorities are warning that they are armed and dangerous.

   The deaths of a pizza delivery boy and a Corrections chief are attributed to this gang, according to authorities in Colorado.

Banned from cycling, Armstrong starts swimming

   Lance Armstrong, we hear, is signed up to compete in the Masters South Central Zone Swimming Championships at the University of Texas.

   He apparently is in the 40-44 age group in the 500, 1000 and 1650 yard events.

Fast Food Workers Want Double the Pay

   In New York, workers at McDonalds, Wendys and Yum Inc's KFC are organizing a walk off the job for better pay.

   They want roughly double their hourly pay to $15 an hour, and want to form a union without intimidation or retaliation.

Very efficient that we have extra advanced anti-ballistic missile systems on hand

   Since North Korea's new although young President has made threats of using nuclear weapons on the US, it was announced yesterday that we are sending an advanced anti-ballistic missile system to Guam to protect American military sites.

   We find it fascinating that the US apparently keeps extra anti-missile systems in stock in case we should ever need them.

After weeks of rumors, Jay Leno is leaving "Tonight" again

   It was finally announced that Jay Leno will be stepping down from the Tonight Show and that Jimmy Fallon will take over in the Spring of 2014.

   In addition, the Tonight Show will be moving back to New York.

"It takes two hands to text, officer"...

  A man who was pulled over in Alabama told the officer that he was texting and driving with his knees, in a tunnel.

  He had a 3 year old in the back seat and $4500 worth of prescription drugs in the car.

President Obama takes 5% pay cut

  As Federal workers have been furloughed one day a month due to the sequester effects, President Obama announced he is giving back 5% of his pay.

Enron CEO wants out of prison

  We hear the the former Enron CEO , who is serving a 24-year prison term for his role in the energy giants epic collapse, may get out of prison early.

   His attorneys and the Justic Department are apparently working out an agreement for his early release after 6 years.

Job Recovery Loses Steam

   It seems the the labor market recovery lost some of its steam in March. Unemployment benefits rose to its highest level in four months last week.

    385,000 filed for unemployment last week, the end of March 2013.

Phone Call from First Lady

   NCAA basketball player, who broke his leg while playing for Louisville over the weekend, received a call from Michelle Obama.

   He shyly has told people that the details of the call are a little fuzzy because he was on drugs for pain.

Alzheimer's Disease is Costly

   Did you know that currently US families spend up to $215 billion a year diagnosing and treating Alzheimers disease and it is only expected to get worse as baby boomers age.

Wet, Slick Roadways

  The newest rain to hit Calaveras County has left the roads in Calaveras County and surrounding areas wet and slick so use extra caution and slow down.

   No new chain restrictions are in effect on Hwy 88, Hwy 4 or Hwy 108 as of 7:45 AM.