Friday, April 5, 2013

Letter to Editor....About Racist, criminal Creeps

   Dear Sierra Sentinel;

    Several of us have been following what has been happening  in Ebbetts Pass,

We may make letter public...

  We have been given advice of making a letter we recieved in the last few days,

Murphys Sanitary District Meets

   On April 8, 2013 the Murphys Sanitary Disrict holds a regular board meeting at 9 AM at 90 Big Trees Rd in Murphys.

Traffic Accident at Hwy 12 and Hwy 88

   In Clements a traffic accident was reported to CHP at 6:57 PM at the intersection of Hwy 88 and Hwy 12.  No injuries were reported.

   Use extra caution if traveling in that area.

Letter to the Editor....About kittens

   Dear Editor:

   I know that your readers are animal lovers and I have a little problem.  Well, actually several little

Traffic Hazard in Copperopolis

  UPDATE at 6:26 PM   CHP unite reassigned to area for same call of animal in the road

Black cow on Hwy 12 in Burson

   UPDATE:: The owner of the cow herded it back into the pasture. Road is clear

Video Reveals Criminal Activity

   Did you ever get a chance to replay the videos on a 90 day track that had been

Corruption at CalTrans Worse than Ever

  Something needs to be done at the governors level. Story to follow.

Hit and Run Reported on Forest Meadows Drive

   A traffic hit and run was reported to CHP on Forest Meadows Drive in Forest Meadows (Murphys) at 3:02 PM today.  No injuries occurred.

President in Ritziest Zip Code

  President Obama visited the ritzy zip code of Atherton while he was in California. Two brunches he attended were served at a price of $32,400 each.

   They couldn't keep the protesters away though, as Keystone objectors took to the streets there. When he left the San Francisco airport, he had $3.25 million in donations secured.

Man Holding Water Hose Killed by Police

   The family of a 35 year old man who was shot to death by Long Beach police after they mistook a water hose nozzle for a handgun, was awarded $6.5 million by a federal jury Thursday.

   The man had twelve bullets in him. The officers never even identified themselves. Could this happen here in Calaveras County. You bet it could!!

Senator and Asseblyman on "Super-Secret" Vacation to Cuba?

   We were tipped off that one Republican Katcho Achadjian from San Luis Obispo and one Democrat Senator Cathleen Galgiani sprent their spring holiday

CHP clearing accident on Hwy 49 in Jackson

   At 1:55 PM all lanes except the turn lane on Hwy 49 and Trade Center Drive in Jackson are open now, after an accident that spilled fluid on the Hwy.

   Two vehicles collided at that location and medics were dispatched. Two CHP units are remaining at the scene until totally cleared.

Calaveras County Hiring Deputy Ag Commissioner

   A reader let us know that while reading a Sacramento paper they noticed that the County of Calaveras has an ad to hire a Deputy Ag Commissioner full time at $50,000 to $70,000 annually.

   You need a four-year degree (it doesn't say in what) and 4 years of experience.

No West Coast tems in NCAA basketball final four

   One basketball player, who had at one time played for a college here on the West Coast said that the west coast teams are not aggressive, push and shove and bang around enought for him.

   Well, we like our teams to stay the way they are. Enough with the violence. They can keep it on the East Coast.

Pelosi backs Geueul for LA Mayor

   While President Obama has decided to stay out of the LA Mayor race, Nancy Pelosi says that "electing Greuel will 'lift Up' people across the US."

   Interesting comment!   With 44% estimated for Garcetti, 43% for Greuel and Undecided 13%, that could help Greuel.

Son of MIgrant Field workers for Governor?

   It was announced yesterday that Abel Maldanado, a moderate Republican and the son of migrant field workers, has formed a committee to raise money for a possible run against Jerry Brown for Governor.

   It will take quite a bit of money, because as we all know, a moderate Republican will not be given any money by the right-wing California Republican Party!!

Traffic and Noise Less this week

   We've had many comments this week that it was so nice to have no buses on the highways,

Dale Lee Hines Arrested in Angels Camp

   Angels Camp Police Department arrested Murphys resident Dale Lee Hines, (57) of allegedly Receiving Stolen Property over $400 and Conspiracy to commit a Crime, both felonies, on April 4, 2013.

   Hines was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Calaveras County Needs a Sheriff!! Will you run?

Illegal Gunshot heard in Arnold

   A resident on Shady Cr. in Arnold heard and reported a shot in the area. No report was taken by the Sheriff's office.

OP-ED...Calaveras Supervisors want citizens views on Block Grants?

   This is the first time that we have heard that the Welfare Department  wants the public to give input at the  Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2013??

We'll remember Siskel and Ebert

  Now that both are gone, many believe that never again will there be a movie critic team as good and as entertaining as that of Siskel and Ebert.

   Gene Siskel died after surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor in 1998. Yesterday, Roger Ebert passed away. People watched their show even if they never intended to go to the movie.

China has "Tomb Sweeping Day"

   In China, an annual "Tomb Sweeping Day" is held to show respect to dead relatives. This is similar to our Memorial Day.

   Often we see graves in our local cemeteries that are without any family members nearby to care for, and our Cemetery organization has no money to keep them looking nice. The cemeteries don't even seem to get watered, so no one has to weed them regularly. 

Morning-after Pill available to all girls

    After a federal judge in New York reversed a contentious Food and Drug Administration's ruling,

Stock Market Declines/Artificial backing by Fed

   As the stock markets opened this morning, the information that 500,000 people had given up looking for work in March, was the number the market noticed.

   Only 88,000 jobs added was not enough. Some were saying that the Fed has been artificially supporting the stock market, and it started going down almost immediately.

Study: More children, less IQ they have

  A study was done and reported that showed that people who have many children, tended to show that the more children you have, the lower the IQ will be and the more mental challenges will surface.

   Recently, we have seen an example of that.

Odd title held by North Dakota and Arkansas

   The title of most restrictive womens rights states belong to North Dakota (#1) and Arkansas (#2) in the US now.

   That should cause an influx of the religious right into those states and a clear decline in the high IQ types. But some say that is already the case or you wouldn't see such infringements.

Arrest Made at Copper Cove Mini Storage

   After a report of possible theft and someone living in RV's at Copper Cove Mini Storage

No need for chew caffeinated gum?

   Last month the Wrigley company introduced they were offering a caffeine-infused gum. Some say they will not have to drink coffee now to get their morning wake-up.

Rutgers Coach Mike Rice "ferocious coaching" or disorder?

   Psychiatrists have been giving input after viewing the video of Rutgers Coach Mike Rice's treatment of college basketball players.

Car Hits Bridge in front of Calaveras Courthouse

     According to CHP,George Stepp (91) of San Andreas, was driving a 2006 Toyota Corolla on Mountain Ranch Road near the Courthouse in San Andreas aound 1:30 PM on April 4, 2013, at an unknown speed.

   For an unknown reason, Mr. Stepp drifted to the right and collided with a cement bridge abutment.

   Mr. Stepp received a minor injury from the deployment of the airbag and was transported to Mark Twain Hospital Center for Treatment.

Amador County Board of Supervisors meets

   Amador County Board of Supervisors meets on April 9, 2013 at 8:30 AM in Jackson.  On Closed Session items the litigation against the US Department of the Inerior is listed, and also potential litigation by Buena Vista Rancheria.

   Also under Closed Session is Conference with Labor Negotiators/all units.

Workforce percentage lowest since 1979.

   In March, 2013 the labor participation rate was 63.3% of the eligible population. This is the lowest workforce percentage since 1979.

   The stock market is in sell-off mode this morning.

Unemployment rate drops to 7.6% for March

   In spite of the lower growth rate in jobs for March as opposed to February, the overall US unemployment rate dropped

Republican Eric Cantor Grilled on Squawk Box

   We were shocked to see the Squawk Box interview of Eric Cantor by Becky Quick and Joe Kiernan.