Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wilensky's Clear-Cutting in Ebbetts Pass

   Due to the Wilensky CHIPS program, which clear cuts all brush and way too many trees

Not one, but two 4 year olds involved in shootings

      After the 4 year old in Tennessee discarged a pistol and killed a sheriff deputy's wife, a New Jersy boy left a 6 year old neighor in serious condition after a rifle was fired at his head.

   Both boys found the guns easily accessible.  Of course, this had nothing to do with guns. Ask any gun lunatic!!

Truck hits wires in Valley Springs

   A truck hit the wires on Heney Court in Valley Springs. CHP is enroute to the scene at 4:50 PM. CalFire has also been notified and is on its way. Unsure if wires are AT&T or Comcast.

Blue Angels Cancelled

   The high-speed, high-altitude acrobatic maneuvers and tight formations of the US Navy's Blue Angels will be missing from dozens of festivals and air shows across the country this year.  All performances have been cancelled for 2013 due to sequestration.

Ford Focus #1 Car

   Ford continues to increas their focus on global small cars and this appears to be having a positive effect.

   The Ford Focus was the world's best-selling automovble overall last year, totalling more that a million sold.

Destroying the Republican Brand Forever

   It's perfectly clear that after nearly every single Senator stood up and cheered

Firearms instructor who ranted he's....

   ...."going to start killing people" if gun control laws were tightened, had his carry permit suspended in Tennessee.

   He goes back before on judge next week to see if he gets it back.

   If you report someone with mental illness in Calaveras County is carrying a weapon, the Sheriff does NOT even suspend the carry permit.  They get away with anything with our current Sheriff!

Herbalive and Sketchers Trading Halter

   After the suditors for both Herbalife and Sketchers were forced to resign this morning, trading was halted on both companies' shares.

    KPMG had been the auditor for both firms and speculation was that an insider trading probe was discovered.

Twisted Oak Summer Concert Series 2013

   Twisted Oak Winery is announcing their summer concert series for 2013. The winery is located on Hwy 4 at Red Hill Rd in Vallecito.

   Visit TwistedOak.com for dates and ticket prices.

Unknown Cow on Appaloosa in Angels Camp

  A caller reported to CHP just before 2 PM that an unknown cow or cows was on the road at Appaloosa and Filly Ln  in Angels Camp. (Actually half way to Copper)

    CHP is enroute to the scene.

BLM Land Sprayed for weeds

   The Bureau of Land Management's Mother Lode Field Office has announced that it will close the

Top Ten Richest Zip Codes

   The top ten riches zip codes in the US are still there, and they are a lot richer now.  These are by zip

Poor Casey Anthony in Bankrupcty..

   Is Casey Anthony's life story worth a chunk of change? The trustee in charge of resolving her bankruptcy wants to see the rights to it and help settle the nearly $800,000 she owes creditors.

    Anthony says she doesn't want to sell; nevertheless, one bidder has offered $10,000 to buy her life story and apparently more are waiting in line.

We keep hearing economy improving, but...

   While the economists on television new programs tell us how much the economy is improving and that jobs are coming back, one interesting poll really tells it like it is.

   In a recent Harris Interactive Poll for Everest College, a whopping 83% of American workers said they are stressed out at work, up sharply from 73% last July.


Asian Americans hired by Republican Party

   After the election last fall where exit polls showed that 73% of Asian Americans voted for

Forgery Charges in Valley Springs

   CHP arrested Dagoberto Aguilar (28) of Sacramento, in Valley Springs on Hwy 12 on April 8, 2013 for Possession of Id to commit Forgery, a felony and Driving without a license, Possession of deceptive government identification and Providing a false ID to specific police officer, all misdemeanors.

   Aguilar was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Trespassing Reported in Avery

   A resident on Red Tail Hawk Rd in Avery reported a trespassing to the Calaveras Sheriff.

     Well, good luck with that. We are well aware that the Sheriff will only take care of it if its not one of his crazy friends.

Theft Reported in Arnold

   A resident on Murphys Drive in Arnold called the Calaveras Sheriff to report a theft on April 8, 2013.

   No indication is made if there is a suspect at this time.

Ralph Emerson Resigns from Murphys Sanitary District

   We had many local residents ask us what happened to Ralph Emerson, who used to work for Murphys Sanitary District, but hasn't been seen in awhile.

   Per the office, we are told that Mr. Emerson resigned from his position recently. We are not aware of where he may now be working.

4300 NFL players file more than 200 Concussion lawsuits

   A judge in Philadelphia must decide whether the more than 200 lawsuits which have been filed on behalf of more than 4300 former NFL players should be forced into arbitration or go to trial.

OP-ED Crosshairs on Yellowstone...Part 3

 Part 3.  Cumulative Effects are Massing but Impact Analysis is AWOL.

    by Brian L. Horejsi

   This section could have been left for the end of this paper and included the imminent

CalTrans Work at Hwy 26 and Hwy 49

   CHP will be onscene at CalTrans maintenance being done today at Hwy 26 and Hwy 49 in Mokelumne Hill.

   Slow for the Cone Zone.

Bret Harte Graduate Killed in Arizona

   A former Calaveras County resident and Bret Harte Graduate, was killed in a paragliding accident in Arizona, according to information we received from a reader.

   Zach Ormann was a paragliding instructor and got caught up in a wind storm.

Today is a BURN Day in Calaveras County area

   Today, April 9, 2013,  is a burn day in the area. Remember to keep your piles small and away from trees or other debris.

Traffic Hazard on Poole Station Road

   8:20 AM: CHP is enroute to a reported traffic hazard on Poole Station Road in San Andreas. Use caution in that area until cleared.

Calaveras Board of Supervisor meeting at 9 AM

   Don't forget that today, April 9, 2013 at 9 AM is the Calaveras Board of Supervisors meeting in San Andreas.

   Participate; know what is going on and how they are spending your money.

Traffic Collision at Hwy 4 and Hwy 99 in Stockton

   An accident occurred at the Hwy 4 exit of Hwy 99 freeway in Stockton at 7:55 AM.  Three CHP have been dispatched to the scene.

   No injuries were reported and all vehicles are on the side of the road.