Friday, April 19, 2013

Fire Reported in Double Springs

   4-19-13:  A caller reported a fire to CHP, on the shoulder of Hwy 12 and Double Springs Rd. CHP is now at the scene. Fire has been notified.

Calaveras County Water District Meeting

   On Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Calaveras County Water District, (who ALL property owners pay

Mudslide on Hwy 88

   4-19-13: CHP got a report of a mudslide at 2:47 PM; dirt, rocks and debris partially in the lanes of Hwy 88 at Carson Spur.

   CHP is enroute. CalTrans has been notified for cleanup. Use caution in that area.

Bay Area Home Prices Soar!!

   If you ever read the San Jose Mercury News you are aware that Calaveras County is in a world

Amazing!! Online Voter turnout

   If you remember when Claifornia rolled out online voter registration in September of 2012, many political experts doubted that new registrats would vote in significant numbers.

     But they voted like crazy. In face, 83% of the 817,000 who registered online, voted, far better than the overall turnout of 73%.

   Have you registered online yet. Its easy!! You can change your affiliation to No Party Preference or change your address this way.

Burglary Reported in Burson

   4-19-13:  A resident on Hillvale Drive in Burson called the Sheriff to report that a burglary had occurred, that power equipment had been taken from the residence.

   No indication was made if there is a suspect in this case.

Red Pickup Stuck in Snow at Spicer

   4-19-13: A red Chevy Pickup was reported stuck in the snow at 12:49 PM on the Spicer Reservoir Road, which is off Hwy 4 in Ebbetts Pass, causing a traffic hazard.

     CHP is enroute to the scene.

Disturbances reported

   Disturbances were reported on April 18, 2013, loud enough to be called into the Sheriff, on Tuolumne in Angels Camp, at the Arnold Medical Clinic, on Thompson Way in Jenny Lind and on Russell Rd in San Andreas.

   No one was arrested and no citations were issued.

Arrest for Attempted Burglary in San Andreas

   Brett Michael Whitney, (34) of an unknown address in San Andreas, was arrested on

Arrest at Mountain Ranch Post Office

   John Allen Logg, (41), of San Andreas, was arrested at the Mountain Ranch Post Office

Burglary Arrest Made at Probation

   Stacy Fonta Quashnick (33) of Murphys, was arrested on April 18, 2013 at the Probation Department for alleged Burglary: 1st degree, a felony.

   Quashnick was booked into the Calaveras County Jail by a Sheriff's deputy.

Great News! Central Valley Farmers Agree to High Speed Rail

      There was great news waiting for Governor Brown as he returned fro China. The lawsuit

Hit and Run Traffic Accident Reported in Rancho Calaveras

    4-19-13:   CHP received a report at 10:52 AM that a John Deere repair truck had been hit and the other vehicle had taken off.

    This apparently occurred in Rancho Calaveras at Hwy 26 and White Rd.

Fire on 1300 Black Kenny Drive in Murphys

   CalFire reports that on April 18, 2013, CalFire responded to a vegetation fire at the 1300 block of Kenny Drive

Another animal: A Black Dog with Large 15 inch Box Wrench?

 4-19-13:  Now CHP reports that a black dog with a large 15 inch box wrench

Now a dog loose in Valley Springs

   4-19-13:   Let's see, we've had a Clydesday, 2 bulls, 2 cows and now a dog on Hwy 26 at Silver Rapids in Valley Springs.

   Somebody call Spellwoman, cause they need help with animals this morning. Be careful driving wherever you are this morning.

Two Cows on Poole Station Rd.

   4-19-13:  Good thing CHP isn't busy with accidents this morning. At 9:35 AM another CHP unit had to be dispatched to Poole Station Rd in San Andreas to round up 2 cows who were out on the road.

   Use caution if driving in that area.

Two bulls and a cow on the road

   4-19-13:  At 9:35 AM two bulls and a cow were reported out on the road at Lime Creek Rd and St. Petersburg in Valley Springs.

   She's outnumbered, so help better arrive quickly.  Use extra caution if driving in that area.

Cops Close Down Boston ....except

   As most everyone knows the drama has been playing out all night in the Boston suburbs, after

Wow!! Clydesdale on Hwy 12 in Burson!!

   4-19-13:   CHP received a call at 7:54 AM that a Clydesdale is out on Hwy 12 at Burson Rd in Burson. Now, don't everyone run over there to try and claim a Clydesdale.  They eat a lot.

   Be extra cautious in that area until CHP locates the owner.