Friday, April 26, 2013

What is a bureaucrat?

   "The defintion of a bureaucrat is someone who always has a lot of time to kill"

   by Anonymous

CalFire reminds us Burn Permits Required May 1, 2013

       CalFire sent a reminder to us that as of May 1, 2013 that fire permits are required

Traffic Accident in Carson HIll

   A traffic accident was reported at 4:42 PM at Hwy 49 in Carson Hill. An ambulance is responding due to injuries.

   CHP is enroute to the scene of the accident. Use extra caution if traveling in that area.

Fire in Burson

   UPDATE:  At 3:12 PM there are two CHP units helping with safety. Road closure signs

Legendary country singer George Jones dies

   George Jones has died in Nashville, Tennessee, according to his representative today.

CHP unable to locate reported accident on Hwy 88

   4-26-13: A traffic accident that was first reported on Hwy 88 at Omo Ranch Road in Amador County at around 12:57 PM, has yet to be located.

   An ambulance has also been sent to the area due to injuries reported. CDF is also searching for the accident for over an hour.

Geno Smith may not come to draft tonite

  Discouraged that he didn't get picked in the first round of the NFL draft last night,

Two US citizens swim 14 hours after shipwreck

   On a day-long fishing trip a brother and sister, were told to jump into the water

Martha Stewart Tries online dating?

  In an interview, Martha Stewart, 71 year old domestic diva and media mogul said she once considered online dating, but while filling out the form of, she started laughing and decided against the idea.

NFL Draftee arrested yesterday

   Likely NFL draft objective Tharoald Simon, an LSU grad, was arrested yesterday for arguing with an officer.

  Today is "Tharold Simon" Day in Eunice, who is very proud of Simon, a local boy. Could the arrest affect his getting drafted?

Niners take safety Eric Reid in first round of draft

   As their first pick, the 49ers chose Safety Eric Reid in the first round of the NFL draft last night. Reid seemed pretty happy with the team he got.

   The Niners have 11 more picks to choose.

NBA Commissioner: No decision yet

   David Stern, NBA Commissioner, announced that the decision regarding the Sacramento Kings move to Seattle won't be announced until around May 13, 2013.

New Push for Redevelopment...under a different name?

   When Governor Brown ended the Redevelopment Agency in 2012, many areas have had to sell off assets to pay back the state.

   The city of Salinas is one of those.  Assemblyman Alejo who represents that area, has introduced a new bill AB1080, which essentially recreates the redevelopment fund.

   Apparently on May 1, 2013 it is scheduled in the Committee on Local Governments, and seems to have support.

Utility worker killed in explosion yesterday

   On April 25, 2013 a Southern California Edison worker was killed when an underground utility vault (manhole) exploded in Riverside. Three other workers were injured.

   An investigation into the death is ongoing. Officials indicate they are not yet sure what caused the explosion.

Traffic Accident on Hwy 88 at Bear River Rd.

   UPDATE:  This accident is just across the Ed Dorado County line, off the road at the Cat Creek Bridge

Rod Stewart takes family out to dinner, with...

   Rod Stewart and his wife, along with daughters, went to a nice dinner out last night.

Howie Long's son drafted in first round last night

  Kyle Long, son of famous Raider Howie Long was drafted by the Chicago Bears last night in the first round.

Traffic Hazard Reported on Hwy 49 at Mountain Ranch Road

  4-26-13:  A traffic hazard has been reported to CHP at 11:15 AM on Hwy 49 at Mountain Ranch Rd. in San Andreas.

   The details of the hazard have not yet been reported. Use extra caution in that area until cleared.

Assemblyman Bigelow to Chair Rural Caucus

      On April 26, 2013, Assemblyman Frank Bigelow, R-O'Neals, was unanimously

NFL Draft stressful for players

   If you watched any part of the NFL first day of draft last night, you saw the stress in the faces

Illinois 5 year old in Mensa

    Gus Dorman is 5 years old, in kindergarted, and lives in Illinois.  While most children believe

Theft reported at Tower Mart in San Andreas

   4-23-13:  Calaveras Sheriff's deputies were called out for a report of theft from the Tower Mart in San Andreas.

   After deputy arrived, apparently the subject agreed to pay for the items, so no charges were filed. .

Sheriff's Deputies called to residence in Vallecito

   4-23-13:  Calaveras Sheriff's deputies were called out due to a verbal disturbance or altercation at the Sutton residence on Parrotts Ferry Rd. in Vallecito, according to the Sheriff's log.

  Parties agreed to separate for the evening and no charges were filed.

Someone locked in Workshop in Murphys

   4-24-13: A report was made from the Nugget in Murphys that someone had locked them in their workshop on Nicherson in Murphys.

    This was apparently a landlord/tenant dispute. Calaveras Sheriff's deputies took a report.

Burglaries reported in Calaveras County

  On April 23, 2013 burglaries were reported at a residence on Diltz Ln in Murphys and at the Valley Springs Chevron on Nove Way in Valley Springs.

   It is not known at this time if there is a suspect in either incident.

Calaveras County Water District meeting about Raising our Water Rates

   On Thursday, May 2, 2013 Calaveras County Water District (CCWD), is holding a Special meeting at 9 AM.

   On the agenda is a Discussion or Action regarding Increasing our water rates. HERE IT COMES!!!

  This meeting is being held at the CCWD board meeting room. Our guess is they are hoping no one notices and therefore no one comes.

Put up Video surveillance

   We want everyone out there who is having any type of criminal problems with neighbors

Woman in Wheelchair on Freeway onramp

    4-26-13:  CHP received at call at 8:48 AM that a woman is trying to go up the onramp to the 99 freeway at Waterloo (Hwy 88) in Stockton.

   CHP is enroute to the scene. Use extra caution if driving in the area.

Traffic Accident in Arnold

   At 8:27 AM CHP received a report of a traffic accident at Hwy 4 and Blagen Rd. in Arnold. This apparently occurred behind Timberline Lodge.

   An ambulance is enroute to the scene where a vehicle crashed into parked vehicles at that location. Two tow trucks were dispatched.