Saturday, April 27, 2013

Homicide Investigation and search in Valley Springs area

    4-27-13:  At 4:30 PM the Calaveras County Sheriff and District Attorney's Office are currently investigating the homicide of a nine

Wanted: Dangerous male in Rancho Calaveras...

   4-27-13:  At 2:30 PM the Calaveras County Sheriff's Office issued a wanted alert for a 6' white or hispanic male

The Azaleas are Beautiful this year...Thank you C of Forest Meadows

Traffic collision on Murphys Grade Rd

 UPDATE:  Per CHP this accident has been cleared.

Op-Ed: Ranchers get Disaster Welfare Payments for nothing?

   If you complain about the poor getting welfare payments, you need to read this.

People walking both sides on 6 Mile Road

   4-27-13:  At 9:27 AM CHP was notified that several people are walking on both sides of 6 Mile Road near Old Murphys Rd in Murphys, creating a traffic hazard.

   Use extra caution if traveling in that area until CHP can get to the area.