Sunday, April 28, 2013

Search for murder suspect continues

   4-28-13  The search for the murder suspect  of a  nine-year-old girl in Rancho Calaveras

CHP at Obyrnes Ferry Rd and Hwy 4

   UPDATE:  As of 6:25 PM Hwy 4 and Obyrnes Ferry Rd are 

Four siblings rewarded for saving nickel

   In Virginia four siblings held onto a rare 5 cent piece, even though someone had declared it a fake.

   They were rewarded Thursday, when it was autioned off for for more than $3.2 million.

Pope Francis very popular

   The vatican reports that the crowds who come to see Pope Francis are very large.  Many are saying that he is having a honeymoon period for a short time at least.

Sunday night traffic accidents...

    4-28-13:   A traffic accident between at motorcycle and a car was reported to CHP at 4:31 PM at Hwy 88 and Jackson Valley Road in Jackson.

   An ambulance has been dispatched for injuries received.


Traffic accident in Valley Springs

  4-28-13:  At 4:03 PM CHP received a report that a traffic collision had occurred at Warren Rd and Chenin Blanc Ave. in Valley Springs.

   Minor injuries were reported.

Calaveras County makes national news...

   NBC News sent us a flash report about the stabbing in Valley Springs an hour ago.  We always make the big news for the bad thngs that happen here.

Want a new Corvette? Dig deep!!

  If you have dreamed of owning a Chevy Corvette Stingray, and this is your year, get ready for sticker shock.

   The price starts at $51,995, including $995 for delivery. The Stingray convertible starts at $56,995.

CalFire Says They Have no MONEY to Twitter, Tweet, Twit!!

   4-27-13:   Yesterday, we received an advisory from the Calaveras Sheriff's Office about a fire

CHP respond to vehicle fire

   4-28-13:  A vehicle fire on Hwy 49 at Sutter Ione Rd was reported to CHP at 1:57 PM.  Reportedly the fire is now out. A tow truck and CHP are enroute to the scene.

    Use extra caution if traveling in that area. Minor injuries were reported.

New Dinosaur species found

   A brand new species of dinosaur has been found on the island of Madagascar. Called Dahalokely tokana fy its discoveres, the dinosaur was a member of a group called abelisauroids, carnivorous dinosaurs.

   This is the oldest abelisauroid found to date, They estimate it is 90 million years old. WOW! The name translates to "lonely little cattle rustler".

Body of Texas cheerleader identified

   The remains of a 13 year old middle school cheerleader were positively identified in the west Texas town of Snyder.

   The body was found near a lake more than two years after her mother reported her missing. The cause of death is under investigation.

Non-Injury Accident in Jackson

   4-28-13:  CHP is still onscene at a traffic accident at Hwy 49 and Hwy 88 in Jackson. No injuries were reported.

   A tow truck has been dispatched to the scene. Use extra caution in that area until cleared.

Motorhome fire reported on Hwy 4 at Stallion Way

  UPDATE:  At 12:15 PM the area  of Hwy 4 and Stallion is reported clear.

Traffic Hazard on Infamous Poole Station Rd at Hwy 49

    UPDATE:  At 11:45 AM hazard is cleared at Poole Station Rd and Hwy 49

New Twinkies owner vows to use non-union workers

   04-28-13:   It was five months ago that Hostess shut down over a standoff with union workers,

Possible grave of ancient queen discovered

   Just outside London, in an old quarry, the skeleton of a woman, possibly 4000 years old, wearing gold was discovered. She also had a large drinking cup placed at her hip.

   Archaeologists are investigating whether she is an ancient queen, due to the fact that she was ornamented with beads of gold strung around her neck.

Car Crash on Hwy 4 in Dorrington

    UPDATE:   CHP quickly cleared this accident from the Hwy. The road is open and clear.

Calaveras County Sheriff Advisory #3 of Homicide Investigation

   4-28-13:  At 10:50 AM we receved a new Advisory message from the Calaveras County Sheriff regarding the Rancho Calaveras Homicide Investigation:

   Investigators are still processing the crime scene on Rippon Rd in Valley Springs while multiple surrounding agencies assist the Sheriff's Office continuing an area search of the neighborhood and following up on tips from the public.

   The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office will hold an official press briefing at 3 PM today at the Sheriff's sub-station in Valley Springs located at 200 Hwy 12 to update information relating to the homicide investigation.

   No further information is available at this time, according to the Sheriff.



NFL Draft Complete with....

   The San Diego Chargers picked Manti Teo' in round two of the NFL draft and the New York Jets picked QB Geno Smith, after Smith decided to show up for day two.

No sign of murder suspect in Rancho

   Captain Macedo of the Calaveras Sheriff's deptartment was interviewed by Channel 3,

No further information from Sheriff

    The announced 8 oclock information release did not appear tonight from the Sheriff.