Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Panther Fire in Butte County Update

     The Panther Fire in Butte Meadows is now 300 acres. Six engines, 141 firefighters,

Bus backs into stop sign in Mokelumne HIll

    5-1-13:   At 2:46 PM CHP received a call that a bus had backed over a stop sign while trying to turn around at Lombardi Drive and Hwy 49 in Mokelumne Hill.

   No injuries occurred. CHP is enroute to the scene.


CHS Earth Club Free E-Waste Event

    The CHS Earth Club would like to invite the public to get rid of old, broken electronics

Bart needs a Calaveras County

Bart is one of three Dachshund/Chihuahua ix
brothers weighing between 18 and 22 pounds.
They are all very shy but loving boys and learning so fast!
Friendly with other animals and would thrive with calm, patient
owners. Bart can be seen at Animal Services in San Andreas.
Call 754-6509 or go to 891 Mountain Ranch Rd in San Andreas
Wed-Fri 10 AM to 4 PM or Sat 9 to 1 PM

Person on bike on Hwy 49 at Cosgrove

   5-1-13:  A traffic hazard was reported at 2:22 PM. A person riding a bicycle in and out of the lanes of traffic, wearing a blue tank top, dark shorts, with a thin build and shaggy brown hair.

   They are just outside Angels Camp at Cosgrove, per the caller. CHP is enroute to the scene. Use extras caution in that area until cleared.

Governor signs gun siezure bill

  Calfifornia Senate Bill 140 by Mark Leno (D) of San Francisco gives the Justic Department  $24 million to seize guns from those not legally allowed to have them.

   Vote in the Assembly 65-10 in the Senate 37-0. The governor signed it. The NRA is crying, sob, sob, on LaPierre!!  Thank heaven we live in California!!

Did you hear the Government's suing...

   We heard that the US Government is suing Lance Armstrong to try and get some of the millions of dollars the US Post Office threw away sponsoring the Armstrong cycling team year after year.

  Isn't the government suing the wrong entity? They should sue the moron at the Post Office for even thinking of throwing our stamp money out into the trash on something like that.''    And we wonder why they're broke?

   They could make each postal worker pay a little bit back each paycheck until it is returned to the citizens? What do you think?

We missed the www anniversary

  Yesterday, April 30, 2013 was the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web.

Tea Party Republican gets a new one ripped by General

   During the House Armed Services Committe hearing yesterday, California Tea Party

NASDAQ and S&P 500 record highs

  5-1-13:  As of the close of the markets today, the S&P 500 is at another all-time record high, and the NASDAQ closed at its highest level in 12 years.

    You're not feeling good about that? Then you must live in Calaveras County! The pits of the country, thanks to bad elected officials who enacted bad policies in 2007.

Dale Ellis Sicore of Angels Camp

    Dale Ellis Sicore of Angels Camp, passed away at Mark Twain Medical Center on

And the good times begin at Lake Tulloch

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office received a call that an intoxicated female fell

Motorcycle crash in Mountain Ranch

  5-1-13:  A motorcycle collision was reported at 12:17 PM on Mountain Ranch Rd, near S. Railroad Flat at Hillview in Mountain Ranch. An ambulance is enroute due to injuries.

Panther Fire in Butte Meadows

   11:15 AM: A fire that was reported in Butte Meadows around 2 AM May 1, 2013 is now 100 acres. There is no report of containment at this time.

  This fire, in Butte County,  has been named the Panther Fire.

Grass Fire on Hwy 12 at the River

   5-1-13:  At 11:53 AM a grass fire was reported on Hwy 12 at the Mokelumne River, below Camanche. We have no other details at this time.

Flying Broom Always in the Area--Sighted Again!

   We get so many reports of that Flying Broom that seems to hover over some Post Offices, calling out "Daddy, Daddy!"

   Then we hear that it is still following someone between Murphys and Bear Valley over and over again.

   Everyone thinks it is looking for those horrible Halloween Church people. Are they right?

Letter to the Editor....Disgrace in Ebbetts Pass

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   My family has lived in Ebbetts Pass for many years. We have hiked and camped

Gold Fire in Madera County contained

   5-1-13:  7 AM:  CalFire reported that the Gold Fire in Madera County reached 274 acres, but is now 100% contained.

Geno Smith Fires Agents

   Geno Smith, who was picked 39th by the NY Jets, after 2 stressfilled days in what the NFL calls the "green room", has fired his agents.

   Some believe that the agents led him to think he would be picked first, and we all know he was not happy, even considering not returning for day two.

The new One World Trade Center will soar...

   Many say the new One World Trade Center will become a Big Apple icon, and the dazzling new skyscraper will definitely reshape New York's skyline.

   When the final sections of spire are raised the building will be 1776' high.

Zuko is a big strong boy--Just Adopted--Hooray!!

   Zuko is looking for his forever home.  His favorite thing to do is play

Another confrontation of "gun lunatics"

   In New Hampshire, Senator Kelly Ayotte is having a difficult time, as her constituents continue to confront her about her vote against background checks.

   In a video made at her town hall meeing yesterday, the daughter of a Newtown victim confronted Ayotte, demanding an explanation of her vote.  Ayotte was visibly shaken.

   Finally, a movement by sane people from the peace side of the aisle to go after elected representatives who side with the NRA.

Woman cited for Parking in tree

   When police first saw it they had trouble figuring out how she did it, but after an Oregon woman explained how she got her car stuck in a tree, they issued her a citation.

   Isn't Oregon the state where it is also illegal to pump your own gas?

George Zimmerman took big gamble

    George Zimmerman, accused of killing Trayvon Martin in Florida, has given up his right to invoke the Florida law know as "stand your ground" before his trial.

   A judge could have dismissed his 2nd degree murder charge in that hearing.  Zimmerman's lawyers believe they want a jury to try the case of Zimerman shooting the unarmed teenager.

Tony Romo takes on new responsibilities

    Its true that Tony Romo got a great deal in Dallas, but he also is being given new roles, such as game planning, play-calling and personnel decisions.

   Is Romo capable of handling all of these responsibilities or is this just  making the Cowboys even more bizarre.

FDA Approves Plan B on Store Shelves

   U.S. regulators on Tuesday, lovered the age limit for Plan B One-Step emergency contraception, approving it for sale to girls as young as 15 and agreeing it will be available without a prescription and on store shelves, not behind the pharmacy counter.

Happy May Day

Leave a bouquet on the dorrstep of  an elderly lady...
ring the doorbell and then leave. It will make her day!

Leila Fowler Memorial on CNN

  5-1-13:   The memorial of Leila Fowler, which was held at Jenny Lind School last night, was filmed and shown on CNN News.

   Hundreds of people showed up to show their support and the mother of Leila spoke out for the first time, thanking the community for their support.