Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Young and the Restless star dies

   Jeanne Cooper, longtime star of the soap opera "The Yound and the Restless", and mother of actor Corbin Bernsen, died today, May 8, 2013 at age 84.

"Here she is...Miss America"

   The song that has begun the Miss America pageant for decades, is OUT!  The organization announced the decision to the press today.

Jodi Arias.....

.....Guilty...of killing her one-time boyfriend in Arizona.   She was placed on suicide watch.

Levis and the 49ers go together

   In the goldrush days, the original 49ers needed pants that would hold up to tough

Neighbor of Murder Victim Interviewed/Dogs Never Barked

   A neighbor of Leila Fowler's family was interviewed by KCRA channel 3 today. The neighbor said

New CalFire Unit Chief in Tuolumne-Calaveras

   Josh White has taken over as Tuolumne-Calaveras CalFire Unit Chief, due

We still wait for cause of all those FIRES!

   We checked with CalFire and not one of the fires that erupted in the past weeks

Are you Aware of Arson Fires?

    While encouraging wildfire preparedness this week, CalFire is also reminding residents of the dangers posed by ARSONISTS.

So many empty storefronts...

   In Angels Camp, Anrold or San Andreas, empty storefronts are more common than full ones, it seems. Even Copper Town Square

Calaveras weather ... Clearing tomorrow

  5-8-13:   Although there may be isolated showers for the remainder of the day today, Thursday is supposed to be sunny and warmer.

Delaware is number 11

   Yes, the state of Delaware was the 11th state to pass a law allowing same-sex marriage. It was almost immediately signed by the governor.

The FBI offered a reward

   In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN last night, Charles Ramsy, the man who rescued the three women and a child from his neighbors house only made himself even more popular than he already was.

   When Cooper told him there was a reward for the rescue of the girls, Ramsey told him, "give it to the women, I've got a job."

   Ramsy is a dishwasher. Amazing man!!

This may go down in history as the "fast food saga"

   Just to recap the stats; it seems that Amanda Berry was kidnapped in 2003 after leaving her shift at Burger King.

Chamber Mixer at Frogtown

   On May 9, 2013 the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce is hosting a mixer in the Ranch House at the Fairgrounds.

   There will be appetizers made by the Friends of the Fair (no frog legs). It begins at 5:30 PM

In a quiet Houston neighborhood...

   There is a giant prowling around in a quiet Houston, Texas neighborhood. In fact, there are hundreds of them.

   A sluggish mollusk, the Giant African Snail is snacking its way into American backyards. It looks just like our common garden snails, but can grow to 8 inches long and eats the sides of houses to help its shell grow.

How to live to be Pearl Cantrell

  Pearl Cantrell lives in Texas and just turned 105 years old.  She is willing to share her one "healthy"

Calaveras Sheriff Suspends Leila Fowler Murder Press Briefings

         5-8-13:  10 AM The Calaveras Sheriff's Office has just released a statement that the daily press briefings concerning the Leila Fowler homicide investigation will be twmporarily suspended until significant new information is able to be released.


Bob "Bobby" Reynoso of Murphys

   Bob "Bobby" Reynoso, longtime resident of Murphys,  passed away on May 7, 2013, surrounded by his wife Marilou,

Chain saw stolen in Arnold

   A resident on Ponderosa Rd in Arnold reported that his chainsaw was stolen, but that he thinks he knows who stole it. It was worth $800.

   There is no indication of arrest or even of a report being taken by a deputy.

Calaveras Supervisors meets May 14, 2013

   The Calaveras Board of Supervisors meets agains next Tuesday, May 14, 2013 for a regular meeting in the Board Chambers at 891 Mountain Ranch Rd in San Andreas.

   On the agenda is another change order for the jail, this one for fire suppression equipment for over $100,000.

   It's amazing what bidders think are not part or the initial bid, and how lucrative change orgers are for Flintco.

Calaveras Sheriff Closing in?

     Channel 3 reports that the Calaveras County Sheriff says they are closing in on the killer of 8-year-old Leila Fowler. Let's hope that's true.