Wednesday, May 15, 2013

President Truman's Sea-Going Whitehouse rusting away

   The Williamsburg, now rusting in a port in Italy after an Italian company failed to raise

Car misses on U-turn attempt

   5-14-13:  At 6:20 PM a Ford F-15 that apparently attempted to make a U-turn on Hwy 49 at Cosgrave, ran off the road and down the into the ditch. No injuries were reported.

   CHP is at the scene and a tow truck has been dispatched to that location. Use extra caution in that area until cleared.


OP-ED..Full Planet, Empty Plates...............

      by Lester R. Brown

     Throughout most of human existence, population growth has been so slow

Amador County Fire Protection District meets

  On Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 11 AM the Amador Fire Protection District Board meets at the County Administration Center at 810 Court Street in Jackson.

   On the agenda is a discussion and possible action of an amended agreement with Pine Grove Community Services District for building use, and the Benefit Assessment for 2013-14.

Fowler 911 tape raises questions

   Yesterday, May 14, 2013 authorities released the 911 tape that Leila Fowler's step-mother

The money walks...the money talks!

Photo by Whitaker
   As usual, where the money goes, so goes the government..

Which Grand Juror talked to LAFCO rep?

   After going over the letter that Mokelumne Hill Fire District wrote, and reviewing the draft MSR for that district, we did see a couple of problems. For one, why are there different MSR's?

Isn't Betty a pretty girl?

   Betty has been at the shelter since March.  She is an all black young adult with loads of

Organs this is scary

  A young British girl died in India during a vacation, when a doctor injected her with

Why Do you Shop at Copper Town Square?

     We all know that the economy in Calaveras County is lousy. And that goes for every corner

Traffic Hazard reported in San Andreas

  UPDATE at 12 N: Hazard is cleared per CHP.

DUI Arrests Dramatically Increase

  The Angels Camp Police Department tells us that they have seen a dramatic increase

Itching all over

   A woman who went to her doctor with itching all over her body, was surprised to find out what was causing the allergic reaction.

   It seems she had recently had a hip replaced and she was allergic to the implant.

Beyonce pregnant?

   Beyonce cancelled another concert in Belgium reportedly for exhaustion and dehydration. Rumors are circulating that she may be pregnant.

Possibility of Rain Thursday and Friday keeping Fair cooler

   The local weather forecast is for showers on Thursday and Friday. We were told that at Big Trees