Thursday, May 30, 2013

Double Springs residents warm about snakes

   During Public  Comment at the May 28, 2013 Calaveras Board of Supervisors meeting two women from Double Springs warned the public about snakes.

   One said she killed a rattler with 8 buttons on her front porch.  The other said a King snake got into her house and it's still there. She said it was ok though, because King snakes kill rattlers.

Have you seen the baby moose in the sprinklers?   Just type in baby moose in sprinklers in search.

Looking to buy a new home?

This cozy little place
 has a secret room!
   If you've done very well in this recession, like many of the already rich have, you may be looking

Want a bottle of French Presidential Palace wine?

   French wine worth around $325,000 is being auctioned off by the Presidential Palace. There are 1990 Petrus that will probably go for around $3000 a bottle. There are also cheaper ones like Yellow Tail that will most likely bring around $20 a bottle.

   But you could say you own a bottle of wine from the French Presidential Palace. They will have plenty of bidder.

US Forest Service releases Bio-Regional Assessment

   The Pacidic Soutwest Region of the US Forest Service has released a draft Bio-Regional Assessment of the Sierra Cascade region.

Warning! CCWD Water rates are going WAY up!

   We received a press release from Calaveras County Water District that they are holding a series

Shelton Fire in Linden area

   5:30-13:  Calaveras/Tuolumne units of CalFire responded to a fire on North Shelton Rd in the Linden area around 11:30 AM.

   As of 12:45 PM the fire had burned 60 acres. We don't have any containment numbers yet.

Big Rig blocking Hwy 12 at Toyon

   May 30, 2013:  A traffic hazard on Hwy 12 and Hwy 26 was reported at 12 Noon at Toyon. A big rig stalled and is blocking the roadway.

   CHP is enroute to the scene. Use extra caution if driving in that area.

Angels Camp Museum

Mom the Breadwinner!

   According to a Pew Research poll, the mom's in the family are more and more becoming the major breadwinners of the family.

   40% of households now say the woman either makes more money than the man, or that the man doesn't work.

Quintuplets born in Utah

   Five healthy quintuplets, three girls and two boys were born on Sunday. The mother had taken fertility drugs and had been in the hospital for months.

Steal a California cow and you will Pay!

   In a bill just passed by the Assembly, people convicted of stealing cattle in California will be fined up to $5000. The bill now goes to the Senate.

   Many were not aware of how common cattle rustling is these days.

Fire in Avery

  May 30, 2013 at 10:15 AM:   A fire at Avery Sheep Ranch Rd and Fullen in Avery is now under control. Traffic control was required while firefighters fought this blaze near the roadway.

   The fire is under investigation. As of now the cause is not known.

NASDAQ pays $ 10 million penalty for Facebook...

   In a deal with the Securities and Exchange Commission, NASDAQ has agreed to pay a penalty of $10 million for alleged securities laws violations during Facebook's intial public offering.

Columbia Area Planning Commission Cancels Meeting

  The Columbia Area Planning Commission has canceled its scheduled June 13, 2013 meeting. No other meeting was scheduled.

Down, but not ever OUT!

   With high-powered appointees or elected officials, we see that they can be scandalized, put their private parts

China company buys Smithfield Foods

  Smithfield Foods, the largest US pork producer, is being bought by Chinese company

California State Legislature passing more gun laws!

   The legislature at the state level is considering quite a few new laws surrounding gun use, purchasing and ammunition control.

   This, in spite of the hateful, vicious gun lobby and gun lunatics.  We are proud of our state legislators who have the courage to stand up to these pressures.  Thank you!!

   We welcome even more gun controls!!!  Anyone who votes against them should be ashamed of themselves and should not be re-elected.

CHP assisting CalTrans

   CHP will be assisting CalTrans with contstruction at Hwy 88 and Jackson Valley Rd and on Hwy 88 at Twin Bridges today in Amador County.  Slow for the cone zone!