Wednesday, June 5, 2013

84 year old won Powerball

  An 84 year old woman, Gloria MacKensie of Florida, won the Powerball jackpot. She agreed to take a one lump sum payment and will receive more than $370 million before taxes. the single biggest lottery winner in US history.

DOW back below 15,000

   Amid questioning regarding what the FED will do, what strategy it will use to boost the economy, the DOW dropped over 200 points to end up back below 15,000.

   Stocks were sold off across the board for most of the day.

Burglaries and Thefts on June 4, 2013 in Calaveras County

    A theft was reported on June 4, 2013 on Ridge Road in Railroad Flat. Apparently jewelry

Powerhouse Fire Update June 5, 2013

   June 5, 2013 at 5 PM:  The Powerhouse Fire is still standing officially at 32,032 acres this afternoon. There are now 1958 firefighters on this fire.  The USFS now believes that full containment will be on June 10, 2013 around 12 noon.

   Containment is now 70% due to the fact that it ran to tbe desert.

Warning: Sheep on Ospital Rd in Wallace

 June 5, 2013:   Watch for sheep in the road on Ospital Rd in Wallace. CHP is enroute to clear.

We found a good radio station

   It's hard to find a good oldies radio station, but we think we found one. It's out of Modesto at 105.5 FM, KRVR or The River. Check it out.

  We can't seem to get it to come in above Angels Camp, but if you go on their website and click listen, you can get it anywhere. Let us know how you like it. They have a tower near Copper.

  It figures that Modesto would have a good "oldies" station, American Graffiti and all.

Shawn Steffan Norried of Valley Springs

   Shawn Steffan Norried of Valley Springs, passed away

Sports good thing for political players

   After what happened in Sacramento with the Mayor taking the lead to not only keep the NBA

First Raid on California Capitol in 25 years?

  Yesterday evening's raid on the state Capitol office of Senator Calderon's Sacramento came as a surprise to everyone who was still there.

   We are told that this is the first such raid in 25 years.  Apparently Federal agents left after dark carrying bags, boxes and even a folding table, exiting the building through the garage.

Word of the Day....Eschew

   The word eschew means fo avoid or to shun, desperately avoid using, such as was used in a previous article about the youth of California eschewing political parties in favor of registering No Party Preference.

Traffic Collision in San Andreas

    UPDATE:  As of 2:20 PM the road is clear per CHP.

Burton and Brulte have a Party...

   John Burton, Democratic Party Chair in California and Jim Brulte, the new Republican Chair, faced

Two litigations for Calaveras Board of Supervisors under Closed Session

   The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors  have two closed session items after their regular board meeting on June 11, 2013.  One is for anticipated litigation and the other is for exiting litigation vs The Resort at Lake Tulloch, LLC, Calaveras County Superior court, Case # 12CV38738

Car Crash at Obyrnes Ferry Rd and Copper Cove Ct

   June 5, 2013:  At noon there was a traffic accident at Obyrnes Ferry Rd and Copper Cove Ct. in Copperopolis.

  CHP is enroute. No injuries were reported. Use extra caution in that area.

Traffic Accident in West Point

   CHP reports that on June 4, 2013 around 4:20 PM  Hood (first name not given) (15) year old male

Supervisor Spellman AWOL?

   We got a little bird telling us that Supervisor Spellman did not show up for the LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) meeting last night, a Calaveras Supervisor Board assignment. AWOL?

    Was he busy studying for his new career of becoming a HOT reporter for a liberal newspaper. What do you think?

Baldwin Fire Photo

   This is a photo that Calaveras Consolidated Fire District took of the Baldwin Fire in Rancho Calaveras on June 3, 2013. Calaveras County is in extreme fire danger this year. Please be careful!!

CHP reports on Motorcycle accident in Murphys

   On June 4, 2013 about 4:30 PM Ronald Frye (58) of Murphys, was driving his Toyota westbound

OP-ED.....:LINCH"pins of Liberty?

  If you never watch the Senate or House invetigative committees in action, you are missing one of  our most government activities at work.

   Not boring, and in fact, enlightening; for example, yesterday the so-called investigation

Hot Tip .... About Michele Bachmann

   This can't really be true, can it?  We got a Hot Tip that new details about an FBI criminal