Sunday, June 23, 2013

Angels Camp City Website working?

  Councilmember Jack Lynch mentioned a problem finding  a form on the City's website. Well,

Angels City Planning Commission gets some new blood

    The Angels Camp City Council appointed two new Planning Commissioners at their last meeting. If you get a chance to watch the video it is very telling.
   Jack Lynch was the only one who voted to keep the same old commissioners and voted NAY all by himself.

    Stuart Raggio made the motion to appoint Patsy Gonzales and Scott Behiel instead of the longtime incumbents Gary Croletto and Christy Riesman.  Congratulations! 



Suspicious person in dumpster at Ebbetts Pass Hardware

   On June 22, 2013 a caller reported a blonde male going through the dumpster at Ebbetts Pass Hardware on Blagen Rd in Arnold, and talking to himself.

Suspicious Remains Found above Murphys

   On June 22, 2013 the Sheriff's Office received a report that suspicious remains were found. A deputy determined that they were animal on Northwood Dr above Murphys.

Intoxicated Person on Horseshoe in Hathaway Pines

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office was called about an intoxicated person causing a disturbance on Horseshoe Drive in Hathaway Pines on June 22, 2013.

   No arrest was made or citation issued.  We think we know that filthy racist drunk who lives in that subdivision! He should be locked up and the key melted down.

Theft at Town Square in Copperoplis

   A theft of jewelry was reported to the Sheriff from a store at Town Square in Copperopolis on June 22, 2013.

   It is not know if there is a suspect at this time.

Gary Caldwell is right about Wildlife killings

During the budget hearings, Gary Caldwell spoke up about the $60,000 we spend to have wild animals killed by Fish and Wildlife in Calaveras County. He feels that every time someone complains about any wild animal, several will be killed indiscriminately. Caldwell also feels that ranchers should protect their own livestock, not the taxpayers. Good for you Gary. You are right!!

Fox complaint in Angels Camp

   June 22, 2013:  A resident on Live Oak complained to the Sheriff that a fox chased a dog up onto their deck. The resident wants the den nearby to be removed by ag department.
     Does that mean they will kill all the little foxes? When you call and complain, another murder takes place.

Traffic Hazard in Valley Springs

June 23, 2013: A traffic hazard was reported to CHP at 8:51 AM at Hogan Dam Rd and Hwy 26 in Valley Springs. It is not clear what the hazard is yet, so be cautious in that area.

Clouds moving into Calaveras County

June 23, 2013: Clouds will continue to move in to Calaveras County and the rest of the Mother Lode area today, with the possibility of rain later on today and for Monday and Tuesday.

Traffic Hazard in Wallace

   June 23, 2013:  At 7:25 AM a traffic hazard was reported on Hwy 12 at Comanche Parkway.  It isn't yet clear exactly what the hazard is, but use extra caution if driving in that area.

Carstens Fire now 90% contained

     June 23, 2013: A neglected campfire led to the 1600 acre Carstens Fire in the Mariposa area. It is now 90% contained.

Nancy Pelosi Gets Boos from crowd!

While speaking to a Progressive Conference in San Jose on Saturday, Nancy Pelosi started talking about Edward Snowden breaking the law and the crowd was not happy. The FOOS were overwhelming, even though she tried to talk over them.