Monday, July 8, 2013

Alan N, Wright of San Andreas

    Alan N. Wright of San Andreas, passed away on June 28, 2013 of cancer

Fire in El Dorado National Forest

  July 8, 2013:  At around 12:45 PM today a fire was reported about 1/2 mile of Hwy 50

Our mistake...they're back

 Zimmerman case on July 8, 2013 at 3:30 PM:   Court is back in session and the state is stating that there is another changed evidence that the defense did not inform the state about.

   The state is requesting new depositions and more time to question witnesses involved.

   The State is being allowed more in a new deposition of Mr. Schumaker. Court recessed until tomorrow morning.

Zimmerman case

July 8, 2013:  The attorneys were called to the bench nearly an hour ago, and the court never came back in session. Not clear what's going on. Likely through for the day as far as the public goes.

   The seal is still up but the judge will most likely come back just to close for the day.

Richardson Hearing/Defense Failed to Notify State

   The State alleges that the Defense intentionally didn't tell the State that Mr. Donnelly was going to surprise the State and testify that he knew the voice after hearing the tape for the first time on Saturday.

   The judge takes the defense side against the state that it didn't hurt the State that much and that the State had the opportunity during their questioning of Mr. Donnelly. She said the testimony stays in.

Local Area Formation Commission meets

   On July 15, 2013, the Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO) meets on July 15, 2013

Old poles are for .....Woodpeckers!

Billy Lee called to testify

   Lee was the Chief of Police of Sanford at the time of the Trayvon Martin killing.

Court back in Session July 8, 2013

   After the afternoon recess, the Zimmerman trial is back in session and of course the attorneys (five

Ten people in Alaska killed in seaplane

   A seaplane at Soldotna Airport in Alaska caught fire and 10 people were killed in the engulfing flames.

Pilot of 777 still in training

  It is now known that the pilot of the 777 that crashed at SFO was still in training and had never landed at SFO previously.

Giants sign contract with Victor Cruz

   Victor Cruz had already signed as a restricted free-agent, and he has now agreed to a deal with the Giants for $43 million over five years.

Witness Andy Pollack continues

    July 8, 2013  Zimmerman trial:  Pollack says that only a person who knows MMA could maintain the "mounted" position and "ground and pound".

   He stated that Zimmerman was very diligent and pleasant to work with and it takes a long time to develop that.

   He said that Zimmerman did not have a history of athleticism when he started.  I don't really see any affect this will have on the jury one way or the other, the way it is being presented.


Adam Pollack called to testify for defense

  July 8, 2013 Zimmerman case:  Adam Pollack, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) trainer came to the stand for the defense.

  He knew the term "ground and pound". He said it meant you put the person on the ground and then keep them on the ground and keep striking them from the top downwards.

   He said that it takes place in a cage, an octagon.




Officer Singleton called back

  July 8, 2013:  In the Zimmerman trial, Officer Singleton says that she was about 10' away and that Mr. Martin said "That is not my son's voice."about the tape.

 Serino had told the court that he only said "no".


Challenge Interview of Zimmerman

  The defense asked if Zimmerman denied that the voice on the tape as his. Serino said that Zimmerman did say he didn't recognize the voice as his.

   Officer Serino interprets that one differently than the negative from Mr. Martin about his sons voice. 

More Cross-examination of Officer Serino

July 8, 2013 Zimmerman case: Were you trying to be as sensitive as you could and then asked

Officer Serino called to the stand in Zimmerman trial

July 8, 2013 Zimmerman trial.  Officer Zimmerman was called as a witness for the defense.

   Immediately another sidebar with the judge. Five attorneys at bench.

    "Did there come a time when you spoke with Tracy Martin, Trayvon's father into your office?"

Zimmerman trial-back in session

  July 8, 2013:  Back in session after lunch, the judge called both attorneys to the bench.

Campaign letter against Doug Ose

   This morning we received a campaign letter against Doug Ose,

Redirect of Mr. Donnelly

   The defense knew that Mr. Donnelly was going to be challenged that he didn't tell

Cross-examination of Mr. Donnelly

   July 8, 2013 Zimmerman trial:  The State cross-examines that at his deposition he didn't know what he was going to testify to.

John Donnelly is now testifying for Defense

  July 8, 2013 Zimmerman trial:  A physicians assistant, John Donnelly is testifying for the defense, who says he is a good friend of George Zimmerman.

  He admits donating money and buying him clothing for court.  For some reason the defense attorney has him going through his routine while in Vietnam. OBJECTION!  Now they are in another sidebar with the judge.

   The defense keeps relaying Vietnam screams to Zimmerman screams. Then they played the tape. Mr. Donnelly says "that is George Zimmerman's voice, and he wishes that he did not have that ability to understand that."h



Another friend of Zimmerman's

   Zimmerman trial on July 8, 2013:  Another woman friend of Zimmerman's, Mrs Donnelly testified that it was

Sandra Osterman testifies for defense

  July 8, 2013:  Friend of the Zimmerman's, Sandra calls him "Georgie", and is testifying for the

Two teenagers may have been killed...

   July 8, 2013:   Well, we learned two more things about the crash of the 777 at SFO. First, the two teens found on the tarmac of the airport were 16 year old girls on their way to an American church summer camp.

   The other thing that was revealed was that the two girls may have been killed by emergency vehicles on their way to the plane crash site, and not by the plane crash.

George Zimmerman trial back in session

  July 8, 2013:   The George Zimmerman murder trial is back in session and the attorneys for both sides are up at the judges bench.

   This will be the first full day for the defense after the mother of the victim and the mother of the defendant both swore that it was their son screaming in the tape on Friday.