Monday, July 15, 2013

Traffic collision in Jenny Lind

  July 15, 2013:   A traffic collision has been reported at Milton Rd and Jenny Lind Rd in Jenny Lind. No injuries were reported.

   Use extra caution in that area.

Again Reid threatens to end "filibusters"

   In what most expect is posturing, Senator Harry Reid has again stated that he is

Saturday voting in California?

   There is a new bill being presented that would require polls be opened on Saturday. This is intended to try and boost voter turnout.

Senate Immigration bill full of 'Pork'

   The new Senate Immigration Bill has special things for ski instructors, cruise line repairmen and Irish workers.

  You'll also see the word "committee" mentioned 152 times, and "task forces" cited 39 times.

80 arrested in Hollywood

   The CNN building in Hollywood was the center of a protest about the Trayvon Martin killing. Shortly after midnight on Monday morning, 80 protestors were arrested on Sunset Boulevard for unlawful assembly.

   The protestors were shouting "No Justice, No Peace".

No Latinos...really?

   Is it true that there are none now and have never been, any Latinos in the Obama administration.? Why?

I-5 closed... indefinitely?

  As if LA isn't always fun to drive at rush hour (or any time), after a gasoline tanker tipped over and
spilled 8500 gallons of gasoline, I-5 may be closed indefinitely.

   Of course, it wasn't enough that the tanker spilled gasoline, it had to ignite and become an inferno under an overpass and just before the Dodger Stadium exit on Saturday.

   Caltrans is advising drivers to avoid the area and take public transportation..(uh-huh) All northbound lanes and 2 southbound lanes are closed until repair work is completed.


Oakland a sports city???

   It seems that the City of Oakland has spent $4.5 million in studies in the past year to try and figure out a way to make Oakland a "sports city", the dream of Oakland officials

   We hear that most residents and voters would rather dream of less crime in the city.


LIeutenant Governor Gavin Newsome Large and in-charge?

   With Governor Jerry Brown on a two-week vacation in Ireland and Germany, is the Lieutenant Governor Newsome in charge of California.  Ooops!

Russell Robert Willard of San Andreas

  Russell Robert Willard was born January 14, 1924 to Robert and Flossie Willard. Russ peacefully passed away on July 4, 2013.

OP-ED...Mining the world to death

   by Robert Jensen

   Progressive analyses of inequality and injustice focus on the illegitimate hierarchies in patriarchy,

Celebrity Birthdays

  July 15, 2013:   Today is Linda Rondstat's birthday. KRVR radio at 105.5 is playing a lot of her records.

Fire in Copperopolis

   On July 14, 2013 at approximately 6:30 PM a fire was reported in the 4400 block of LittleJohn Rd

Motorcycle Accident in Murphys

    According to CHP, on July 14, 2013 at 12:30 PM multiple motorcycles were traveling

Passenger Hospitalized after collision

   Maria Hinsey (53) of Valley Springs was the right front passenger in a 1998 Jeep travelling on what CHP described