Thursday, July 18, 2013

Op-Ed....Why Post Office is so Anti-Business?

   The US Postal Service can put out as many ads as it wants to try and attract business owners

Head-on Traffic Accident on Murphys Grade Road

   UPDATE:   Two CHP units are at the scene.

   July 18, 2013 at 5:18 PM:   CHP and an ambulance are enroute to a head-on traffic

Traffic Accident in Mountain Ranch

   CHP are still clearing a traffic accident that occurred on Railroad Flat Rd and Old Emigrant Trail in Mountain Ranch around 5 PM.

   An ambulance was required due to injuries.

Mountain Fire Still out of control

photo courtesy of usfs
July 18, 2013:  In the San Bernardino National Forest the Mountain fire is ravaging the mountains of Riverside county.

   The fire is still only 15% contained tonite.

Fire at Hwy 108 and Kennedy Road

  July 18, 2013 at 2:50 PM:   A grass fire has been reported at Hwy 108 and Kennedy Rd in Tuolumne County. Emergency crews are responding to the scene.

Three small fires in Tuolumne County

   On July 16, 2013 a fire caused by a vehicle dragging its muffler was extinguished on Hwy 108

Traffic Hazard on Hwy 49/Angels Camp

   July 18, 2013:  A traffic hazard was reported to CHP at 2:18 PM on Hwy 49 near Cosgrove just outside Angels Camp.

   Someone is wandering in and out of the roadway at that location.  CHP is enroute.

Amador County Board of Supervisors meet

   On July 22, 2013 the Amador County Board of Supervisors holds their regular meeting at 810 Court Street in Jackson.  The meeting begins at 8:30 AM.

   They have a long list of Property negotiations, Labor negotiations and Litigations to get through in Closed Session before the Regular Agenda begins.

West Point Homocide Victim ID'd

   The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office has identified the second victim in the West Point

North Korean ship hauling missile system?

   When a North Korean cargo ship was stopped near the Panama Canal and searched, drugs were suspected.

   Instead they found the parts for a surface-to-air missile system, hidden inside containers of brown sugar.

Florida man awakens in California with no memory

   A man who awoke in a California hotel room, has no recollection of his past. His sister says he is from Florida and she hasn't seent him for 10 years and didn't know if he was alive or dead.

   It turns out that he had been a Navy pilot and had then worked in Sweden for years He may have what is being called global transient amnesia.

Thnings are better for some people...

   As many struggle here in the Mother Lode with a lack of jobs and elected officials who really don't care, there are some in the US who are profiting big time.

    There are currently a dozen homes in the US listed at over $100 million for the first time ever. And the divide between the ultra-rich and the poor gets deeper and wider.

Fire in Riverside Count

   July 18, 2013 at 7:50 AM:  Called the Mountain Fire, which started on July 15, 2013, this fire is