Friday, July 19, 2013

Animal in Danger at Henley Ranch

   July 19, 2013 at 6:43 PM:  A caller called to report that a dog was in danger near Hwy 4 at the Henley Ranch near Copperopolis.

   Animal control was called.

   The dog had apparently been dumped on the highway and the man who lives there says he's going to shoot it. .

Mountain Fire continues to grow

  July 19, 2013 at 5 PM: The Mountain Fire  in the San Bernardino National Forest has grown to 24,818 acres and is still only 15% contained.

MSNBC/Fox--no love lost there!

   The two cable news channels who are usually considered to be red vs. blue, are not clearly

Grass Fire in Copperopolis

  UPDATE:   By 1:30 PM CalFire had this fire contained

Fire in Oakdale

   July 19, 2013:  CalFire is responding to a report of a fire on 26 Mile Road and Woodward Reservoir Rd in Oakdale which was reported just before 1 PM.

No wonder she left Obama's cabinet

   Janet Napolitano, it was learned today, will make roughly $570,000 a year as UC President.  That's definitely a raise for her.

Sacramento County Hotbed for venereal disease?

   Apparently, whether is has anything to do with all the elected officials who hang out there or not, Sacramento County is one of the area with the most venereal diseases.

Can the Giants beat the Diamondbacks?

  We'll soon know what the Giants are really doing, as they begin a three game home stand against the first place Arizona Diamondbacks.

    Will the orange and black flag wave for the second half of the season? We'll soon know.

If you follow South California politics (you know, the other state)

    In San Diego, you may have heard, the Democratic mayor Bob Filner has been "caught with his

Tea Party wants money to oust Lindsay Graham?

   The oddest things happened right on the heels of our phone conversation with Assemblyman

Did you receive a survey from Assemblyman Frank Bigelow/Now take our survey!

    A survey was received recently from Assemblyman Bigelow's office by  

Mother missing 52 years

   The daughter of an Alaskan native who was 8 years old when her mother disappeared

Vehicle Overturned in Paloma

  July 19, 2013 at 7:23 AM:  A solo vehicle overturned in Paloma at Paloma and Watertown Roads . Two CHP units are at the scene.

   An ambulance has been dispatched due to injuries. Use extra caution if driving in that area.

Largest City to file for Bankruptcy

   Although employees were offered the opportunity to help make their city viable again

Mountain Fire Human Caused

   It has been determined that the Mountain Fire in the San Bernardino National Forest was human caused. There are over 3000 firefighters on the fire lines and several helicopters working on this fire.

Hitchhiker on Hwy 12

   July 19, 2013 at 5 AM:  A hitchhiker was reported walking on Hwy 12 near Central Hill Rd between Valley Springs and San Andreas at 4:30 AM. Use extra caution if driving in that area.