Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hwy 4 now reopened

   August 1, 2013:  After a big rig got stuck the switchback curve trying to go over the pass into Markleeville, a big rig tow finally was able to hook onto the rig and clear Hwy 4.

   It had been blocked from around 3:30 PM until 7:55 PM due to the blockage.

Traffic Accident in West Point

   August 1, 2013 at 7:38 PM:  A traffic accident was reported to CHP that occurred at Hwy 26 and Sandy Gulch Drive in West Point.

   CHP is enroute to the scene. One lane is blocked. It is not known if there are any injuries at this time.

Two shark attacks close beaches

   After the second shark attack on beaches in Maui, Hawaii, the two beaches involved were closed to swimmers and surfers.

Edward Snowden free in Russia

   Due to the Russian government granting Edward Snowden temporary asylum, he is now free of the airport and headed somewhere inside Russia.  For how long, no one knows for sure.

Fire in Klamath National Forest

   August 1, 2013 at 7:30 PM:  The Salmon River Fire in Siskiyou County is burning timber and is only 5% contained. 

   It has burned 1200 acres  in the Klamath National Forest and the cause is still under investigation.

Joan Collins livid at Shirley Jones

   Joan Collins is 80 and Shirley Jones is no spring chicken either. Regardless, when Collins read the things Jones wrote in her book, she threatened to sue.

   She says she is not now, nor has she ever been some "porn-watching swinger pervert". I guess you never get too old for a good cat fight!

Car hits pedestrian in West Point

   August 1, 2013 at 5 PM:  An ambulance and CHP are responding to 682 Winton Rd in West Point where a car reportedly hit a pedestrian.

   Use extra caution for emergency vehicles in that area.

Congressman McClintock Town Halls

   Congressman McClintock, home for a month off, has several Town Halls scheduled

Amador County seecks Inmate Commissary Services

    In an RFP # 13-03 Amador County is requesting bids on the Inmate Commissary Services 

Blue Ford Pickup Off Hwy 88

   August 1, 2013 at 2:22 PM:  A  blue Ford pickup was reported over the side and off of Hwy 88 at Clinton Ed near Jackson Pines.

   CHP is enroute. It is unknown if there are injuries at this time. Use extra caution in that area.

Goldie Hawn sells beach house

   After the property dropped in value, Goldie Hawn and husband Kurt Russell have sold their 4200 sq ft Malibu beach house for $9.4 million.

Which Candidate in the chips...which one in debt?

   The Republican candidate for Governor (so far) is in debt, but Governor Brown has already amassed $10 million toward his re-election campaign.

San Diego Mayor Filner blames City for lack of sexual harassment training--what about racists?

    Apparently in a letter, San Diego Mayor Filner is blaming the City for his inappropriate behavior

How many Californians pay Clear-cutting Fire Tax

   We had wondered just how many people in California, not those who enjoy the National Parks and

Now there's cows on Hwy 88

   UPDATE:  Another report of 5 cows out on Hwy 88 at Hamms Station.

Traffic Hazard--Animal on Hwy 4 in Dorrington

  UPDATE:  If these cows could be yours, they were last seen near the Dorrington Fire Department.

Traffic Collision in San Andreas

    August 1, 2013:  A traffic collision occurred at 8:22 AM at Hwy 49 and Russell Rd in San Andreas.

   No injuries were reported. CHP is on their way to the scene. Use extra caution if driving in that area until cleared.

Letter to the Editor....About Postal Service

   Dear Editor:

   I have been following the articles, letters and comments made on your website about the US Postal

Traffic Accident in Jackson

   August 1, 2013 at 7:07 AM:  A traffic accident occurred at Hwy 49 and Martell Rd in Jackson requiring an ambulance.

   Two CHP are at the scene. Use extra caution in that area until cleared.