Sunday, August 4, 2013

Here's a bit of sports trivia for you.....

   Jackie Robinson, who was the first black Major League Baseball player first walked onto a professional team spring training field in what town?

    Why, in SANFORD, Florida, of course!!!!

Traffic Accident on Hwy 26

  UPDATE:  Around 5:30 PM two CHP arrived at the accident and called a tow truck.

Traffic Accident in Jenny Lind

  UPDATE:  County roads was notified that their fence was damaged at 2:40 PM.

Grass Fire on Hwy 49 in Plymouth

  August 4, 2013:  A grass fire was reported at 11:31 AM off Hwy 49, just north of Plymouth. Fire emergency is in route to that location.

Possum playing "possum"?

  August 4, 2013 at 10:09 AM:  CHP received a report of a possum sitting in the middle of Old Ridge Road and Ridge Road on the Amador County side.

   The reporting party said that he has been there since 5 AM and is a traffic hazard. Perhaps he is just playing "possum".

Kid Rock's Detroit area home break-in

   A man was arrested after video showed him ramming the gate to Kid Rock's Detroit area home with his van last Wednesday.

PG&E Plant Implosion causes spectator injuries

   About a thousand people were gathered to watch an old PG&E plant implode

Orleans Complex Fire in Six Rivers National Park

   August 4, 2013 at 5 AM:  The Orleans Complex Fire, which is made up of two separate fires in the Six Rivers National Forest has now destroyed 1522 acres and is only 3% contained.

Robot good for small-talk company

   The Japanese have included a small-talking robot in the space capsule launched Saturday, who's main purpose is to keep astronauts company on the International Space Station.

  How many languages does it small-talk in, we wonder.

Newsweek sold?

   Up until nearly a year ago, Newsweek was a weekly print magazine in the US. Sold to IBT Media, it is now an online or digital magazine.

   IBT publishes the International Business Times and have not disclosed the purchase price given for Newsweek.

Are you the winner???

   August 4, 2013:  Did anyone win the Powerball drawing yesterday? Was it you? The winning numbers are:  21-24-36-42-45 and the Powerball was 15.

   It was worth $300 million, or $173 if taken as a lump sum. Hope you won!!