Sunday, August 11, 2013

Traffic Accident on Hwy 88

 UPDATE at 3:36 PM:  Tow truck driver requested help from whomever available to help with

Traffic Accident at Camanche

   August 11, 2013 at 2:08 PM:   A traffic accident was reported at Brandy Lane and Pattison Rd. at the entrance to Camanche South Shore.

   An Ambulance was dispatched to the scene due to injuries. CHP is also in route to that location. Use extra caution if in that area.

Op-Ed....Anne Forrest Wants Business Route to Only be for Downtown Angels Camp?

   When Anne Forrest wants something, she certainly gets it. The City Engineer has now written

16 "Sandy" workers win Powerball

  Ocean County employees worked around the clock during "Sandy". 16 of them got together and purchase Ppwerball tickets.

   They will  each get around $4 million when it is paid out.

Eydie Gorme dies

    August 11, 2013:  Eydie Gorme, who was the singing partner with her husband Steve Lawrence, has died in Los Angeles. She was 84.

Weeks Lost at Sea

   A family from northern Arizona got lost at sea for weeks after an ill-fated attempt to leave the US. The said that they cited government interference in religion as the reason for leaving.

   They were rescued by the US Coast Guard and will be flying home.

Donald Trump visits Iowa

   August 11, 2013:  For the first time ever, Donald Trump visited Iowa on Saturday, and spoke to conservative Christians, which add speculation to the possibility of his running for President again in 2016.

Hannah Andrerson reunties with father today

    August 11, 2013:  Hannah Anderson, who was taken by her mother's friend into the Idaho wilderness, will be reunited with her father today in Idaho.

  DiMaggio, the kidnapper, was killed by FBI yesterday after being located in Idaho. Hannah's mother and brother were killed in San Diego a week earlier and the house set on fire.

Downed Power Lines Cause Fire in Tahoe National Forest

   On August 10, 2013 around 9 AM a fire, named the Alleghenu Fire was reported in the Tahoe Naitonal Forest. The USFS responded immediately and stopped the fire at 4 acres..