Thursday, September 19, 2013

What is "Level Of Service" of Calaveras County Roads?

   There is a lot of question about how the "level of service" or LOS on Calaveras County roads

Traffic Accident at Rock Creek Landfill

   UPDATE:  CHP says this was not a traffic collision. Someone must have accidentally backed off of the dump area.

CCWD meets September 25, 2013

   Calaveras County Water District meets on Wednesday September 25, 2013 at 9 AM in their new building at 120 Toma Ct. in San Andreas.

Traffic Accident with Major injuries on Hwy 120

   UPDATE:  Now a smoking semi is stalled near the Yosemite onramp.

Amador County Board of Supervisors meets

   The Amador County Board of Supervisors meets on September 24, 2013 at 8:30 AM on Court Street in Jackson.

Brown goat on Hwy 4

    September 19, 2013 at 1:41 PM:   The Calaveras County Sheriff's office has been dispatched to remove a brown goat from Hwy 4 at Parrots Ferry Road in Vallecito.

   Use extra caution if driving in that area. They should send the Sheriff himself. That would be a job he can handle.

Roll-over Accident on Hwy 88

   September 19, 2013 at 1:22 PM:  An accident was reported on Hwy 88 at Martin Lane in Ione. Two vehicles were involved and one rolled over after traveling into the oncoming lane.

    An ambulance is enroute to the scene. Three CHP units have arrived. Tow trucks have been dispatched.

BLM Volunteer Trail Project

     The Bureau of Land Management is inviting members of the public to help celebrate their public

Black Bear reported eating pears! OMG!!

   September 17, 2013: Another starving Black Bear was reported to Fish and Wildlife to be killed

Tom Infusino says this Calaveras Board of Supervisors is honorable

   Tom Infusino is an attorney who is paid by an environmental group. He stated at the last Calaveras

New Pot Store Owner Says Everything is legal

   After getting several complaints about someone selling pot at a store on a 2nd floor in Arnold,

Traffic Hazard on Hwy 4 in Vallecito

   September 19, 2013:  At 10:19 AM a traffic hazard was reported at Hwy 4 near the Vallecito bypass road.

    There has been some construction going on in that area. Perhaps that is the problem, but it is not stated.  CHP is enroute.

Calaveras County Staff can lie and get away with it!

   Calaveras County Counsel Janis Elliot stated at the Crazy Horse Appeal Hearing on September 12, 2013, that you cannot

Twitter goes public?

   Have you heard that Twitter has filed the paperwork for an IPO to become a publicly traded company.

   The actual Initial Public Offering date will most likely be sometime in 2014.

Stephen Hawking reverses opinion on Assisted suicide

   Stephen Hawking, a brilliant physicist, who has been living on life-support for 23 years

Two old cars and 6 bodies found

   While testing a new sonar device in a lake in Oklahoma, officials found 2 old cars; one from the 50's and one from the 70's and 6 bodies inside them.

   They believe this new technology will help solve other missing person cold cases that are decades old like these.

Google invests in age-reversing company

   It was reported yesterday, September 18, 2013 that Google has invested in a company called

Volunteer at The Calaveras County Fair? Next years Slogan?

   If you were a volunteer or on staff at the Calaveras County Fair in May, you are invited to